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MLS - New England Revolution concept


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So for a long time now, I have looked through the great ideas a lot of artists have on this forum and I figured it was about time I made something on my own. So here you have it, my attempt at a redesigned logo for the New England Revolution, who are very much overdue for a makeover. And I made some kits as a bonus.


A few points about the new logo:

  • The top of the crest is supposed to resemble the hats worn during the American revolution
  • Five red stripes to honour the original logo
  • A white circle (a representation of a soccer ball) containing six stars to represent all six states that form New England
  • In the middle is a pine tree, taken from the flag of New England that many fans wave during home games

Hope you like it!

Comments & critique appreciated.

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Those are really cool!

Love the sublimed tree.

Do you know where I can find a paint version of that template?

Not sure if there is a template that works for paint. But go to this thread anyway: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/103610-new-soccer-template-by-raysox/There are .svg and .psd files available.

Alright, thanks.

But if anyone knows where I can find one please tell me.

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I love that shield idea. I think the shade of red for "NEW ENGLAND" is on the border of appearing muddy on that shade of blue for the background, but I'm willing to let it slide, even if a bit brighter of a shade may pop more.

I feel like the sublimated tree on the clash kit is superfluous. Maybe you could find a better way to reference the green on that kit.

Both kits are very understated designs, which I could see the philosophy behind, in terms of the Revs being one of the original MLS teams and thus theoretically "traditional"--even if all those original MLS teams save D.C. United were anything but traditional in their kits.

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