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Quick Fix: Jaguars update, Dolphins added (1/14)


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Hello everyone!

So the Jacksonville Jaguars have a connected but, IMO, lazy branding, especially the uniforms. Heres my quick take on their set.


The logos are simple and straightforward. Keep the primary and alternate, although I did tweak the colours a bit to make the gold pop more (although its still an accent colour on the uniforms). The wordmark remains unchanged.



Heres where they need a change. A lot of concepts have them use a jaguar pattern and I played around with the sublimation, or making it black and whatnot. Eventually I settled on having a sublimation, because a) thats what Nike would do and B) it looks better. I kept a tapered stripe on the shoulder to add some visible design, while avoiding the current, lazy shoulder fill effect. Gold is only an accent.



Heres where I think some problems will definitely arise. I wanted a couple combos, but obviously avoiding the Oregon Ducks scheme. I dont like some of the combos, but others look great. The colour rush is one of my favourites (never thought Id say that).


There ya go, ya filthy animals! Have fun with it! C+C is much appreciated.

Credits to the maker of this template (I can't find it in the PDN Paradise thread anymore), Conrad Burry for the fonts, and the motherboard for the logos...

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I don't think I like white striping on the teal, I think black would work better. The white pops but it's a bit distracting. Going back to the solid black helmet is safe but I think the black with teal from the last uniform set is a stronger helmet. Echo the sentiment of the sublimated print doesn't do anything for me and from the TV wouldn't be noticeable. I'd like to see that switched out with stronger shoulder striping.

All in all it's a cleaner look for a team that definitely needs a clean up but I think Jacksonville is a team that (if done correctly) would look good in something a little non traditional.


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Alright so here's the first update everyone! Literally no reasoning, just thought it'd be modern and cool-looking...


This looks great. But I would still recommend putting the shield on the jersey like it currently sits. I've gotten used to it and I think it distinguishes them well against other teams.

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