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Los Angeles Chargers Concept


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So I've been wanting to do a Chargers concept for a while now, and now that they're moving to LA (hopefully, would hate to see the Raiders leave the Bay) I've finally done it. Currently I only have the home jersey but other sets will be coming. I don't like long intros so here's the concept:


There's not too many major changes, but I'll go over them just so you know what to look for. First of all Powder Blue is back, it's a unique color and it looks way better than navy. Next you may notice the anniversary patch, it is shown separately but is on the right chest of the jersey and a partial version that only features the "LA" is a decal on the helmet. I think the "LA" would make a good secondary. Another major change is moving the bolt lower on the sleeves, it seemed more efficient to me and looks cleaner. I also changed the pants stripe to better fit nike's style and modernize a classic look.

Then there's the helmet.

Most of you will probably hate the gradient, but I felt it was a subtle way of adding depth to the helmet and giving a cloudy look to it. Plus Nike would have so much fun explaining it as some "thundercloud with an electric flair" or something cheesy like that. Anyways thank you for viewing this concept, I know I haven't posted anything in a while. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Appreciate the positive feedback, I'm glad to see that people like the gradient.

That is a gradient done right on a helmet. If they rolled these out as primaries, oh man Id be a fan! What do yellow number look like on it?

I tried out yellow numbers, it looks pretty good. However I feel white looks more professional and more consistent with the rest of the jersey. It would create a very unique look but I don't think the Chargers have a lack of uniqueness. I'll probably post it sometime soon. If you're a fan of yellow you're going to love this...

Here are all the jersey combos for the Home and Away, If you want a closer look open the image in a new tab:


I always was a fan of the Chargers in yellow pants, one of my main goals in this concept was to make it work. My personal favorites are the white/blue and white/yellow. Would love to see what people think. Thanks for all the feedback.

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