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FarmLeagueProject - Recreating the Minor Leagues


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This is a project, long in the making. Today we are launching The Farm League Project. The Farm League Project's mission is to recreate the minor league's of professional sports. With parent clubs in the NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL, the FLP will create brand new farm teams. The mission from our website, "The year is 2016, an unexpected thing has happen. Each minor league system for the major four American sports has disappeared! It is our job to rebuild them. Every three weeks the Farm League community will submit designs for brand new minor league franchises for real life major league clubs".

So reimagine your favorite team's minor league squad. Tune in on MLK Day for the first team. We will be posting the winners work here on the boards, but did not want to clog things up with all of the submissions! We love the sports logos community and are exciting going forward to see what everyone can do!

Also follow us @Farm_League on Twitter.

Any questions please leave them here, or email us at FarmLeagueProject@gmail.com!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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