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WBS Penguins Logo Concept


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Nice job. I have always liked our Logo we have created for our blog. It is a combination of all three affiliates the Wheeling Nailers the WBS Penguins and the Pittsburgh Penguins. what do you guys think?


1: This isn't your thread. if you want to post your own concepts, use your own thread.

2: This looks like a crappy 3-D creation composed of other crappy clip-art elements.

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OK 1 it was a total 3d render not any clip art second I didn't know I had to start my own thread. The person who made this used an auto cad program and a 3d rendering program to create the logo this is a flattened .png of it

My aapologies to those who started this thread I was unaware I needed to start my own thread to say your concept was nice and to show you mine

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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