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I don't see what's wrong with the current format? It throws up enough surprises and is exciting enough for me as it is. It seems like they're trying to manufacture situations where cars qualify out of order to make the races more exciting.


It would make more sense to bring greater financial parity to the grid from competition earnings and rights deals as well as taking measures like simpler technical regulations to stop pay-drivers being needed for the smaller teams. Probably never going to happen while Bernie is still around.

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Results from St. Pete in IndyCar


1. Montoya

2. Pagenaud

3. Hunter-Reay

4. Castroneves

5. Aleshin

6. Sato

7. Dixon

8. Munoz

9. Kanaan

10. Kimball


Will Power was out of the race due to nausea so Servia filled in. I was very impressed with Conor Daly & Alexander Rossi. Pagenaud held his own but couldn't catch JPM. A rough day for the likes of Marco Andretti & Graham Rahal.


Next up: Welcome back to Phoenix on April 2, meanwhile next week....


Formula 1 starts up in Australia & the 12 hours of Sebring.

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19 minutes ago, rvrdgsfn said:

Renault finally unveiled their true livery & IMO, this is an upgrade.


Huge upgrade. Renault have a history of using yellow in the first turbocharged era of the 70s and 80s, so it is good to see them pay homage to that. There was also too much black being used on the grid.


I'm interested to see what it looks like under the lights of the night races. They have said they have used a metallic paint especially to look good in those conditions.

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Well, looks like Aston Martin is coming into F1.... With Red Bull




Press Release: Red Bull Racing and British luxury sports car brand Aston Martin are today announcing a partnership which sees Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey and Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman collaborate to produce a ground-breaking Aston Martin hypercar.

Codenamed Project ‘AM-RB 001’, the new hypercar will represent the ultimate blend of cutting edge F1 technology with Aston Martin’s signature sports car design. The combined talents of Newey, widely noted as the most successful Formula One designer of all time, and Reichman, Aston Martin’s design chief since 2005, are set to produce the ultimate hypercar.







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Well, I can't see this F1 qualifying format lasting too long. At the very least a major overhaul is needed.


Last season quali built up to a climax. Now it seems that however you get on during your first run of the session pretty much determines where you will end up. If your first run is poor then there isnt enough time to get back into the pits to refuel and put new tyres on so drivers just get out the car and we end up watching nothing.


Would knocking 2 cars out every 3 minutes instead of 1 every 90 seconds solve the issue? How about longer between each elimination. Rules about not refueling during each session so that cars need less time in the garage - would also mean a gradual improvement in lap times as fuel is burnt.


I know I'm often cynical but how about returning to the previous format? 

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Yeah, the whole qualifying was a complete mess, that I will agree with...


Well, the first race has happened & here are the results from the Australian Grand Prix:



2. Hamilton

3. Vettel

4. Ricciardo

5. Massa

6. Grosjean

7. Hulkenberg

8. Bottas

9. Sainz Jr.

10. Verstappen


Nico seems to have continue his hot streak from last season but I think more people are talking about the crash between Alonso & Gutierrez. Hamliton had his struggles, a lot of retirements & Haas got their first points in Formula 1!

Next up Bahrain & back to the old ways of qualifying.


I also meant to post the Mexican Formula E race results as well...


1. D'Ambrosio

2. Buemi

3. Prost

4. Duval

5. Frijns

6. Bird

7. Abt

8. Heilfed

9. Sarrazin

10. Senna


DiGrassi won the race but his car was disqualified due to a weight issue. Although, I've been imprseed with Formula E & Jaguar coming in & reports that BMW & Nissan aren't far behind, I think things are looking up for Formula E!


Next up, Long Beach.

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The previous format was much better. The final runs trying to escape elimination were way better than any drama this new format could create. In Q3, it's an absolute joke.


Interesting that it only took Haas one race to pick up points. I guess I shouldn't be surprised seeing as they are basically running a Ferrari B car.




Length, wheelbase, rake, exactly the same.


I thought the fight would be between them and Manor but I can see them finishing above both Manor and Sauber, maybe fighting with McLaren and Renault. I'm not sure if it will be more hilarious or depressing if they end up beating McLaren in the constructors.

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Results from Phoenix:


1. Dixon

2. Pagenaud

3. Power

4. Kanaan

5. Rahal

6. Newgarden

7. Chilton

8. Bourdais

9. Montoya

10. Hunter-Reay


I dunno what to think about this race, sure it was good to see Phoenix but I dunno. Maybe it was just me. Happy to see Rahal had a decent race, I wish I could say the same for Rossi & Daly.


Next up Long Beach!


Speaking of....


Results from Formula E in Long Beach


1. di Grassi

2. Sarrazin

3. Abt

4. Heidfeld

5. Senna

6. Bird

7. D'Ambrosio

8. Duval

9. di Silvestro

10. Conway


With that win, di Grassi has the points lead, a rough day for da Costa considering he had won the pole but was sent to the back & tried to climb his way back. Next up Paris!

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Results from Bahrain:


1. Rosberg

2. Raikkonen

3. Hamilton

4. Ricciardo

5. Grosjean

6. Verstappen

7. Kvyat

8. Massa

9. Bottas

10. Vandoorne


Rough day for Lewis & an even rougher day for Vettel. Haas has been in the top 10 for 2 straight races. Plus a good day for Magnussen finishing 11th & Wehrlein finishing 13th but McLaren have gotten points for once! Rosberg is sending the message that its his turn for the championship.

Next up China.

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Results from the Chinese Grand Prix for F1


1. Rosberg

2. Vettel

3. Kvyat

4. Ricciardo

5. Raikkonen

6. Massa

7. Hamilton

8. Verstappen

9. Sainz

10. Bottas


Well, Rosberg is continue his dominance while Lewis has seen better days however, everyone is talking about Seb & Kvyat. It should be interesting when it comes to the Russian Grand Prix next.


Results from Long Beach:


1. Pagenaud

2. Dixon

3. Castroneves

4. Montoya

5. Sato

6. Kanaan

7. Power

8. Hinchcliffe

9. Bourdais

10. Newgarden


A caution free race, a very distraught Dixon but a very relieved Simon Pagenaud on getting the win at Long Beach. It was a pretty good race! Next up Alabama


We also had WEC start their season at Silverstone with Audi winning the race Update: Audi didn't pass post race inspection thus Porsche won. The Taylor Brothers winning the race at Long Beach for IMSA & O'Connell was stripped of his win in World Challenge.

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Post race inspection failure
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