Ranking the Teams You Hate (All Sports)

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When I was a kid I either liked or disliked probably 2/3 of teams in the "big 4". I figured I'd grow out of it...

...well I grew out of having favorite teams (aside from my home teams), but I still have some hate.

Teams I cannot stomach seeing succeed:

  1. Packers. I grew up with the Vikes and hating the Packers went with the territory, even if they were not good until I was in college. Going to Wisconsin and living mostly in the midwest has intensified it. There are Packer fans everywhere and they are insufferable. And the whole "two generations of Hall-of-Fame Quarterbacks" and constant relevancy makes it worse; the actual surprise that anyone would like any other NFL team, the belief that God is a Packer fan, the stupid song they play after TDs and the stupid "bum bum bum bum bum bum GO PACK GO," the Lambeau leap (which would be illegal had any other team started it); and the general belief that the Packers are more than just a football team.
  2. Gophers. I grew up with the Gophers. My parents went to school there. I was happy my senior year at Wisconsin when the Gophers went to the Final Four. I was happy when they finally won a hockey national title in 2003 (first since 1977). But then I moved back. After about seven years removed from living in either state. In the meantime, Bo Ryan was building a program, Wisconsin won the 2006 National Title in hockey, and the Football programs remained on different paths. And, combined with the failure of the local pro teams, the local college teams were causing frustration and particular frustration with the inferiority to their neighbors across the border. I find it funny that they make t-shirts and slogans for most of their coaches (Tubby Town, Brew's Crew, Jerrysota) and even made a T-shirt for a nice, but hardly earth-shattering home win vs. Nebraska a couple of years ago. No building blames officials more than Williams Arena and their fan base does not take kindly to traveling visiting fans (probably because none of them travel).

I recognize a few things with the above. One, that my college fandom and Packer fandom have overlap. Two, my pro fandom and the Gophers have overlap. What this really probably means is that we all recognize the worst things in our rival fanbases and, for the most part, fans are pretty much all the same. As a Minnesota pro fan, I totally recognize the frustration that the Gopher fans feel. And I see reflections of the hated Gopher fans in my own pro fanbases (Viking fans waiting for the worst to happen and fans feeling some entitlement to better treatment by the officials). As a Badger fan, I don't quite see that much overlap; people in Wisconsin are far more fanatical about the Packers than anything else and that's the only team that they feel is "more than a team" and that they feel everyone should root for. Most fans are OK, and it's the worst ones who bring out the stereotypes...but because of my run-ins with them (including many friends on both sides), I legitimately cheer against these teams (which admittedly makes me feel like an ogre in the case of the Gophers).

I've always had other teams I hate too...but I can deal with success out of the below teams...

  1. Lakers. Historically the NBA puts too much weight on this franchise. They usually get whatever free agent they want. I prefer the NBA when they are (rarely) not a contender.
  2. Yankees. My distaste for the Yanks has kinda diminished. But it's definitely the first MLB team I think of...
  3. Notre Dame Football. I hated 'em more when they were a constant national title contender, but the NBC contract and their placement in BCS bowls (only to be killed since they were over-placed) has keep the hate alive.
  4. Stars. I was cheering against them in 1999. With the Wild and time, the hate has subsided and for the most part they are just another team. But I'd probably cheer against them in the finals.
  5. Bears. NFC North rivals...Detroit does not make my list because I loved Barry Sanders and what's the point of hating the Lions?
  6. Florida State Football. Just always disliked...
  7. Blackhawks. Hated 'em do to the rivalry with the North Stars...with the Stars long gone, I mostly am indifferent to the Black Hawks by now...but there is a little part of me that does not like their success...of course I was rooting for them against Tampa because I am burned out on sun belt champions.
  8. Indians (for Wahoo) and Redskins (for the name). Yeah...that's how I feel.

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Seems most of us hate teams who have had success and as a result gained annoying bandwagoners. I'm no different, except for my first one seeing as their trophy case is still dusty.
1. The Philadelphia Eagles (they're the worst. I wish them nothing but continued failure for the rest of their existence. As a kid, I was made fun of for being a Cowboys fan, especially during the Campo years and whose fans rubbed it in the most? Eagles fans. Couple that with the fact that back then, the Eagles were dominant over the Cowboys, makes a recipe for lifelong hatred. Plus they cheered when Michael Irvin laid, paralyzed on the ground, at Veteran's Stadium)
2. Boston Celtics (historical rivalry with my favorite basketball team, had Paul Pierce faking an injury in a wheelchair plus they're from Boston. The top 2 teams are the single biggest reason why I hate the color green,).
3. NY Giants (if 2007 and 2011 never happened, they'd be lower on my list)
4. Washington Redskins 
5. New England Patriots (a despicable organization who will do anything to win. Another Boston area team who has one of the top 3 most irritating fanbases, along with the Eagles)
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (one could make a very convincing argument for the Steelers having the most obnoxious, annoying and dumb fanbase.)
7. Anaheim Ducks (I guess my Kings fandom is complete as I now hate a team I once used to cheer for. Plus they have Corey Perry)
8. San Jose Sharks (If the Ducks didn't have Corey Perry, the Sharks would be higher)
9. Alabama Football Team (I am tired of the SEC elitism, but most of all, I am tired of this team ruining college football)
10. Florida Men's Basketball (I have not forgotten 2006 and 2007, nor Joakim Noah's stupid post-title game dance. I'm a UCLA fan) 


EDIT: The Chargers will move into the 9th spot if/when the move to Los Angeles.

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Let the hyperbole fly!


1. Italy football... to the degree they could be the only nation left on Earth & I'd still want them to lose badly (before they tied 0-0).

2. Ohio State football... omg stfu, you realize that no one anywhere but your myopic fictional universe respects your program.

3. Baltimore Orioles... you're a bug of a franchise, Jim Palmer is a dbag, you keep being a gnat for the Blue Jays (& everyone else in the AL East who's ever trying to put together a winning season), & yet you can barely win anything yourselves.  

4. Denver Broncos... ugh.  Somehow they've held some weird self imposed victimized franchise card for decades.  They're the Orioles of the NFL except the Orioles whine less, & the Patriots only have to deal with them maybe once a year.  Any team that Peyton Manning plays for & Jim Nantz has an on air orgasm for counts here- the Colts fell off my list.

5. Anaheim Ducks... because you are Los Angeles' 2nd team even if we know that technically you're not... while Quebec City, Seattle, Hartford, etc remain teamless.  Also, your Disney dna is embarrassing.

6. Oklahoma Sooners... kinda like the Denver Broncos, some weird heartland us against the world & left wing media bias... makes me smile.  

7. New Jersey Devils... your entire existence is Cup teams built on play which set the NHL back 70yrs.  When you don't matter, you don't matter- does that even count as a franchise?

8. Minnesota Vikings... I don't know why, I've just hated their uniforms for as long as I can remember.  I think as a kid they reminded me of lame looking candy you toss out from your Halloween bag.  Beat that!  Also, they whine about the Packers & Bears so much it's annoying.  At least the Lions are respectful enough to whine about themselves.  

9. Russia hockey... this ebbs & flows up & down my list.  Right now, they're here, present.  I have never once ever wanted anything but for them to lose every single game they play.  I've enjoyed Finland's Bronze runs, some Swedish runs to keep them worthy, even some USA whenever they school a Euro squad with N.American shot blocks with their faces.

10.Chinese Olympic team... yes, I like it when someone else defeats them -always-... their young athletes sadly forced to live in seclusion until they win or else.  Sue me.  (USSR would've held their spot)


*I hate & yet respect the Habs for keeping the purest big 4 rivalry true... the Yankees & Red Sox self-implode often enough for a smile... Dallas Cowboys because I hate the Washington NFLers more & they despise the Cowboys... I feel like I'm missing submissions for my list but I typed pretty quickly. 

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1. Pittsburgh Steelers – I know about 2 dozen Steelers fans. How many of them are actually from Pittsburgh? Two. The rest are weanies from Cincinnati or Columbus or Cleveland who were just too good (weak) to ever pull for the local teams. They always have some lame connection to the city to justify their being front running bandwagon fans.

Of those two dozen Steeler fans, which includes family and friends, I wouldn’t use the word “smart” to describe any of them. Steelers fans will grunt “Heeeeeath” any time their white tight end catches a pass and they’re so stupid they do this even when Jessie James (read: NOT Heath Miller) catches a pass. It is literally impossible to have a rational discussion about football with a Steelers fan because their perception of reality is so twisted in the wrong direction.

They’re the worst in the NFL at taking their own medicine and hypocritical beyond belief. Vontaze Burfict “deserves to die” yet their Mike Mitchell has concussed and injured more players than Burfict in less time in a Steelers uniform, but hasn’t been flagged or fined for it because his helmet only has the logo on one side. Burfict also never threatened a player on the field. The Steelers have though. Hines Ward was the dirtiest player for a decade, celebrated over Keith Rivers after breaking his jaw with an uncalled illegal crackback block, and they looked the other way because he smiled while he played.

Worst of all though is their St Louis Cardinalian like self-aggrandizing belief that they’re responsible for the team’s success or that because the team is always good they’re superior fans to anyone else. It’s easy to be great fans when the team is never bad. I’m looking forward to how they handle it when their team finally has a Browns like 3-13 season.

That’s just the fans. The team itself is astoundingly lucky, always have the benefit of the officials in their pockets, employs the biggest clown in the NFL (Joey Porter), had one bad season in the last 25 years and that landed them Roethlisberger, who by the way is a terrible human being. He should be in jail, not lauded by Nantz and Simms every week. They were handed Super Bowl XL by the NFL because Jerome Bettis Detroit? And they’ve never beaten the Bengals in a playoff game without using nefarious means. I have zero respect for that franchise or their fans.

2. St. Louis Cardinals – enough has already been reported about them in recent years. I feel like I was in on the ground floor about hating the Cards way back in 2004, though. I’m fully expecting the BFIB to get even worse now that the Rams are gone.

3. Detroit Red Wings – can you miss the playoffs once in my GD life? I know Red Wings fans with college degrees, kids, and mortgages who have never seen their team miss the playoffs.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins – The city forgot they had a team until they landed Crosby and all of a sudden they’re the best fans in hockey. Only good because, like all Pittsburgh sports, they fell ass backwards into the best player of a generation and then the best player in the draft the next year too. Also, the worst behavior out of visiting fans I’ve ever experience at Nationwide Arena and I’ve seen all 30 teams plus the Thrashers play there.

5. New England Patriots – Enough already. Missed the playoffs once since 2002 and still went 11-5 that year with Matt Cassell. They play this boring brand of dink and dunk football that just sucks all the fun out of the game. They haven’t been interesting since 2007. They’ve probably cheated in the past and they’re probably cheating right now. Plus, Boston even though for years Boston wanted nothing to do with them.

6. Boston Red Sox – used to have a charm to them, but winning washed all of that away. They won the World Series in 2013 in what was the most miserable World Series I can remember, but being god awful the last two years has the fans thinking they get to complain again. You don’t.

7. Dallas Cowboys – even when they suck they get more coverage than any other team. I feel like I’m constantly watching the Cowboys even when I don’t want to. They are somehow on my TV more often than my favorite team is on my TV.

8. Cleveland Browns – God bless Browns fans. All the respect I don’t have for Steelers fans I give to you. That said, division rival who still finds ways to look down their noses at the Bengals. Also, their new uniforms are disgusting and make me physically angry.

9. Baltimore Ravens – Division rival who is not only consistently good and routinely lucky (see: 2012 divisional playoff game), but their handling of the Ray Rice situation was just gross. I enjoyed their dumpster fire of a season this year. They employ a Harbaugh who have never made it through a game without crying about a call to the officials.

10. New York Yankees – Their mere existence raises the price of every baseball free agent, which creates this baseball upper class, and has led to the wealth disparity between the AL and NL. They will always be in the discussion for every single free agent and will always have a roster capable of making the playoffs. Other teams have to tear down their teams and spend years rebuilding just for a shot at the playoffs and the Yankees will never have to do that. I can’t imagine a more joyless team to root for.

Second Tier of Hate: Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants, LA Kings, New York Giants, New Jersey Devils, LA Lakers, Miami Heat, Washington Redskins, Chicago Blackhawks, SEC football specifically Alabama and Florida, Notre Dame, Michigan, USC, Duke basketball, Skip Bayless, Stephen A Smith.

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4 hours ago, McCarthy said:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Bill Simmons tweeted it best after week 1... fun to hear Tomlin's cheating allegations against the Patriots, he didn't have time to trip a player's run back last night.

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       WVU fan here

2. New England Patriots

      Especially Tom Brady and Bill Beli"cheat"

3. Cincinnati Bengals

4. New York Yankees

5. Baltimore Ravens

6. Syracuse

7. Green Bay Packers

       Discount Doublecheck

8. Cleveland Browns

9. Chicago Blackhawks

       I have a friend who is a fan since like 3 years ago(bandwagon)

10. Russian Olympic team

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I'm going to eventually edit this to put them in ranking so for now I'm just going to list out teams I hate

1. New England Patriots

2. Johns Hopkins Lacrosse

3. UConn Basketball (yes, moreso than Georgetown)


New York Yankees

Philadelphia Phillies

St. Louis Cardinals

Washington Nationals

New York Rangers

Pittsburgh Penguins

Georgetown Basketball

Duke Basketball

BC Hockey

Harvard Hockey

Rutgers Football

Southern Cal Football

Alabama Football

Michigan Football

Ohio State Football


Man United

Real Madrid


Pittsburgh Steelers

The NFC East in its entirety unless the Giants are playing within the division or Patriots

Los Angeles Lakers

Boston Celtics


Kyle Busch (except, oddly enough, his 2015 season that he won the title)

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19 hours ago, HedleyLamarr said:

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs finally made a list! 

What's surprising me is the lack of hate for the Panthers. Especially from fans of the other NFC South teams.

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(I'm a Yankee, Jets, Maple Leafs fan)


Red Sox






Blue Jays (mostly just Jose Bautista)






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33 minutes ago, rickyISking said:

The Bucs finally made a list! 

What's surprising me is the lack of hate for the Panthers. Especially from fans of the other NFC South teams.

I've always kinda liked the Panthers since their beginning.  Mainly because of that shade of blue they use.  As a Falcons fan, the Panthers have always played them tough, but haven't really been a consistent pain.  Maybe that changes once Cam Newton gets better and better.

The same can't be said for the Saints or Buccaneers.  I've disliked the Bucs ever since Warren Sapp did that awful dance after scoring a touchdown...respect their accomplishments, but they were a bunch of jacklegs (plus, John Lynch and Ronde Barber like to take back-handed shots at the Falcons during game broadcasts today).  And Saints fans are lowlifes. 

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1) Denver Broncos: Chiefs fan living in Colorado

2) Manchester United: MCFC OK!

3) Chelsea: One of the most obnoxious clubs in all of sports

4) Real Salt Lake: Rapids fan, the fans I have met are some of the worst people I've met in sports.

5) Golden State Warriors: Two years ago they would have been number 2 because I am still bitter about my Nuggets greatest season falling apart to them. Iggy is also one of my least favorite athletes and I truly believe he threw that series. 

6) Colorado State Rams: Pathetic little brother.

7) Oakland Raiders: Awful fans, awful organization.

8) Arsenal: I roll my eyes every time I see a Gooner.

9) New York Yankees: Need I say more?

10) Chicago Blackhawks: Don't really care about hockey but this has to be the biggest bandwagon in sports.

Honorable Mention: Dallas Cowboys, Liverpool, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Mexican National Team Soccer.

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1) Detroit Red Wings

The worst. Historical rivals of the Leafs, always good, never seem to actually go through any hardships, at least as far as I can remember. The Leafs and Wings are actually very similar. Some less then memorable early franchise names, a coach who changed their names to what they are currently for personal reasons, a simple "single colour+white" scheme, lots of Original Six-era success followed by decades of futility. Only the Leafs are still struggling while the Red Wings have experienced a resurgence with multiple Stanley Cups and a string of playoff seasons.

Not to mention the fact that they're a go-to choice for southern Ontario contrarian bandwaggoners. You root for the Wings because your family's from Windsor? Oh wait, no. They just moved to Windsor two years ago? Ok. Screw you and screw the Wings. Them and their terrible rectangle pizza.

2) Ottawa Senators

The Leafs' "Battle of Ontario" rivalry. This is a case where fans bug me more than the team, really. I don't mind the team all that much, aside from their terrible track record when it comes to uniforms. Sure, demote or drop every decent logo you've ever had to use a cartoon of Mark Messier wearing a Roman Centurion helmet. Why not. Still? Canadian team paying homage to the rich history of professional hockey in their city? Not much to get peeved off about.

The fans though...Christ. As a Leafs fan? Taking crap from Habs or Wings fans sucks because, deep down, you know you have to take it. The Sens though? The Leafs have beaten them every time they've met in the playoffs. The Senators have just as many Cups as the Leafs during their shared history (1992-present), that is to say none at all. At best you could say the Sens have been marginally more successful as of late, but when you boil it all down? The Senators are just as middling. Yet their fans talk about their team and the Leafs as if the Sens are this powerhouse while the Leafs wallow in the league's basement.

No. Your team's a 90s expansion team that printed some Stanley Cup banners for the original Senators on garbage bags and whose lone trip to the Finals resulted in a beatdown at the hands of a team overseen by Brian f'ing Burke. You aren't the Habs. You aren't the Wings. And you certainly aren't the Hawks. So shuttie.

3) Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees

These two are tied because is there even a difference anymore? Red Sox fans went from being the loveable downtrodden underdogs of MLB to being Yankees fans who like clam chowder.

4) St. Louis Cardinals

They're only slightly less hated than the Yankees and Sox because they're not divisional rivals with the Blue Jays. I'm half convinced that St. Louis Cardinals-based smugness is the true culprit behind global climate change. The whole "best fans in baseball" shtick is nauseating at the best of times, only made tolerable by the fact that so many of their fans embarrass themselves over Twitter. I would normally say that you shouldn't judge a team or its fanbase by a few bad apples, but the Cardinals deserve all the scorn they get due to the whole "BFIB" thing. You built yourselves up, now deal with it when your fans start making your team and community a national embarrassment over social media.

5) Toronto Argonauts

They would have been higher, but TFC fans giving them crap for having the audacity to need a new stadium scored them some sympathy points from me. This is the team that makes me understand why so many fans in the rest of Canada can't stand the Maple Leafs. The Argos get so much undeserved media attention within the realm of the CFL that it's maddening. That, and I'm half convinced the league rigged it to hand them the 100th Grey Cup, because it was just too perfect :P

6) Denver Broncos

I've got my issues with all three of the Chargers' AFC West rivals, but the Broncos are easily the team I wish the most ill upon. Ok great. John Elway capped a career defined by frustrating futility with two Super Bowl wins. Congrats. Go away now, please. No, they can't do that. Jake Plumber keeps the dream alive longer then it should have been allowed to keep going and their inevitable post-Plumber descent into irrelevance is reversed by Tim f'ing Tebow pulling half a season and a playoff victory out of his ass. Then they manage to land Peyton Manning because he found a kindred good ol'e boy spirit in John Elway. Just go away Broncos.

7) Boston Bruins

I'm still not over the 2013 playoffs, or the string of humiliating regular season the losses the Leafs have had at their hand.

8) Montreal Canadiens

I do hate the Habs on a certain, visceral level. They're the oldest rival the Leafs have, and they've gotten the better of Toronto more times then not. And the fans certainly won't let you forget it. On another level though? The Habs-Leafs rivalry just might be the oldest in North American pro sports, and the English-French Canadian aspect of it all gives the rivalry a certain romanticism that other comparable rivalries just don't have. No kidding, the Leafs-Canadiens rivalry and how it relates to English-French Canadian relations was a suggested topic during my second year Canadian history survey course in university.

So the history, the cultural significance, and the memorable outings all sort of come together to create this weird situation where I hate the Montreal Canadiens but also really respect the franchise. I was even pulling for them to win Cup 25 before the end of their 100th anniversary celebration. Twenty-five Cups in 100 years just seemed like a nice, round number.

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Dallas Cowboys: I'm a Redskins fan. Enough said.

Duke men's basketball: I'm from Maryland. Cameron Crazies piss me off. Christian Laettener. General douchebaggery.

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I am a New Jersey Devils fan, New York Giants fan, sometimes New York Jets fan, New York Yankees fan, and Notre Dame Fightin' Irish football fan. My hate list goes:


1. New York Rangers - If I could put them on here a thousand times, I would. I hate this team, and it's fan base, more than any other, and it's not even close. F*** This Team.


2. Philadelphia Flyers

3. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Dallas Cowboys

5. Boston Red Sox

6. Montreal Canadiens

7. Los Angeles Kings

8. Pittsburgh Penguins

9. New England Patriots

10. Baltimore Ravens

Dishonorable Mention: Alabama Crimson Tide

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It's not worth ranking the other teams I hate because none come as close to these  turds. I was starting to mellow out just a bit with the hatred until Respect Wankathon 2014.

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1. New England Patriots-Jets Fan self-explanatory

2. New York Giants- All my friends are giants fans the amount of 1969 Jokes I get

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- AFC title game and 04 Divisional round

4. New York Yankees- Same as giants

5. New York Rangers-Isles Fan 

6. Buffalo Bills

7. Miami Dolphins

8.Philadelphia Phillies

9. Chicago Bulls

10. Boston Celtics

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1. New England Patriots


































































2. Philadelphia Flyers

3. Alabama Crimson Tide

4. USC Trojans

5. Los Angeles Lakers

6. Philadelphia Phillies

7. Boston Red Sox

8. Dallas Cowboys

9. Los Angeles Dodgers

10.  New York Jets

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1. New York Yankees



2. Western Mustangs (university hockey)

3. Montreal Canadiens

4. Toronto Argonauts

5. Italy - international soccer


6/7/8  New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders

9. Atlanta Braves

10. USA - hockey & Olympics in general


Choices mainly because of rivalry (past or present) and obnoxiousness of local (to me) fans following the teams.  On average I'm more inclined to root for underdog teams as well.  Would have added the Leafs as well considering how much they were the only game in town on t.v. in my youth and how much the Toronto-centric media had tried to shove them down my throat, but the delusionality of some of their current fans is more amusing than anything else.



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