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I decided I would redesign the entire NHL, using new or modified logos with new or the same uniforms. With many teams, I'm using old logos with new colours, or a partial logo. Some people are going to be angry because I'm touching the "untouchable" teams. But if the Maple Leafs can change their look, I can make my own little changes. There may be some teams I don't change the logos, but I'm hoping to change everything up. I will probably post them in groups of 3. Any C&C is appreciated.

First up: Anaheim Ducks


Arizona Coyotes:


Boston Bruins:


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I should make it clear that I may or may not change the uniforms. If I like their current uniforms, I'll stick with them. Also, I might use the team's older uniforms, like for San Jose for example. There will be changes on every team, just more obvious ones on some.

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I'm a big fan of how you used the gold in Boston but I'm not too crazy about the new B roundel. Overall very solid.

I had this awesome idea in my head of modernizing the Bruins logo, but it didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, so I just transferred it to a third logo. Plus, I really like having the bear by itself out of that weird shape logo they have.

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Onto my next 3 redesigns, Buffalo, Calgary, and Carolina.

For Buffalo, I brought back the red buffalo, fixed some things with the logo like the eye, and changed the colours to their classic blue and yellow. For Calgary, I brought back the classic look while eliminating black all together. I also brought back the horse alternate. For Carolina, I redesigned a new logo and brought back the hurricane warning flag strip pattern as well as a new version of the alternate logo based off of a concept I found online.












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Looks great! Only, minor nitpick is that the little grey streak on the Canes logo makes it seem rounded/shiny. Hurricanes generally aren't spherical and/or shiny :) Otherwise, great work! As an Oilers fan, I really like Calgary. That says something. Keep it up!

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Anaheim: As previously mentioned, drop the yoke and it's perfect.

Arizona: Not a fan of the double red look.  Replace the second red with black on the home and sand on the away and you've got a pretty solid concept.

Boston: The home/road is pretty good.  Not a fan of the alternate at all though.  Keep the current roundel, and the fact that you included an element most identified with their arch rivals isn't great.  

Buffalo: Perfect.

Calgary: Only nitpick is to swap the red/gold on the away jersey's logo and number.

Carolina: Not bad, but the alternate logo reminds me a little of this: latest?cb=20131218043827

but that could just be me.

Overall, a great start!

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I understand artistic license, but if you make a red rectangular flag with a gray square, it isn't a hurricane warning flag anymore.  I think it has to have a black square in the middle of the flag.  And I also think it really should be square.  It could still be frayed and torn, but the tears would extend to or into the black square.

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3 hours ago, WhitecapsForLife11 said:

Loving a lot of these. Cant wait for more. Whats the template?

I think it's called IceGear created by Chris Smith. I got it from the icethetics site. 


And the Sabres is by far my favourite so far. 

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On to my next set of 3, Chicago, Colorado, and Columbus. 

With Chicago, I decided to eliminate the unnecessary colours on the feathers and go with a generic red and white for the feathers. Coincidentally, some of the original Blackhawks logos had the feathers the way I made them. I didn't know it until after I recoloured them. I kept the home and away the same, with a new alternate using the C tomahawks logo.

With Colorado, I went with their much better new alternate logo as the primary. I kept it pretty simple on the home and away, and using the same template for their stadium series jerseys for the alternate.

With Columbus, I recoloured the current alternate using the dark blue, red, beige/vintage white colour, and white. I really liked how the beige/vintage white colour looked with the red and blue so I kept it. People are probably going to tell me "you can't use 4 colours. It's too busy!" Well my response to that is, that's your opinion. In my opinion, it looks very good, and not busy at all. But I'm biased. I went with a whole new uniform design, but a classic one, with stars on the sleeves. I also including a red alternate with just the cannon and striping like some of the concepts I've seen.










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Good series so far. Nice job.


Anaheim: Drop the yoke.

Arizona: The numbers on the home and and alt should be a lighter color to be more visible.

Boston: Like it but the alt. Keep the logo that their currently using, and drop the stripe, Montreal uses that.

Buffalo: Amazing!

Calgary: The logo woulld look better with the colors flipped. But other than that, its nice.

Carolina: The flag, it needs to be a black sq to be a hurricane flag, and i like the logo

Chicago: IMO, the white and red feathers look out of place on the jersey. 

Colorado: Nice! 

Columbus:Cream white and red look out of place together, try a darker shade of red, maroon maybe?? to make it look morre vintage.


Nice series!!

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Chicago: Overall, very good job. The white and red feathers are a little jarring at first but a good idea. The alternate is stunning. The number font seems a little off though. 


Colorado: Perfect, except I'd add a little more burgundy to the road. 


Columbus: I like that you went a different route with the red. Really good concept there. 

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So I'm currently working on the group of Dallas, Detroit, and Edmonton. I am finished Dallas and Detroit, and have Edmonton to do before I post the trio. But I thought I would post a teaser of what I did with Detroit. I just know people are going to get upset at what I did with Detroit since they haven't changed in 60 years or however long it is. But I'm tired of seeing the same 2 colour scheme, boring striped uniforms they have. (Besides the outdoor game uniforms) So I added a colour, and a more interesting striping pattern. So be upset if you want, but I don't plan on changing what I've added. Change can be good sometimes :) (and don't worry, there was no black added)


So here's the teaser:


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