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Florida Premier League


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Welcome to my first fictional league, Florida Premier League. The idea behind this was to create a European-style soccer (or football) league with 20 teams from the biggest cities around Florida. Since Florida is my home state, I thought I should incorporate it into one of my next concepts. 



The Florida Premier League was founded in 1919 as the Florida Football Federation. The League started out with only 6 clubs, 3 of which still compete in the league in 2016. The League was one of the original members of the AFA (American Football Association), which also started out with leagues from California, Texas, New York, and Illinois. The FFF immediately rose to the top as the best soccer league in America. The 6 inaugural clubs were the 6 greatest clubs in the nation, but as time went on the league couldn't survive with just 6 clubs, so 6 more clubs were formed. At this point the FFF was starting to gain more supporters, and numerous people across Florida were die-hard fans of their respective teams. In 1943, during the peak of World War II, the league decided to go on hiatus, due to Florida's geographical vulnerability. The league resumed play in 1946, one year after WWII's end, and they were renamed as the Florida Premier League. The FPL added 8 new sides, and the AFA decided to add a lower-tier league in Florida as well, known as the Florida Championship. By the 70's the FPL had become a cultural phenomenon in Florida, and the clubs started to be able to sign big name players such as Johan Cruyff and Gerd Müller. In 1977, the American Champions League was formed, and the top four finishers from the FPL were able to compete in this event. However, this meant the clubs had to compete in more games, and the players started to feel they were underpaid. Before the 1979/1980 season the players union went on strike. This caused the league to go into a lockout, that became one of the longest lockouts in American sports history. The lockout lasted for 4 seasons, and by the 1983/1984 season, the union was finally able to reach an agreement with the AFA about wages and salaries. The league continued play in 1984, and had a new feeling to it. The games seemed more entertaining, the players, more motivated, and the goals, more electric. This excitement carries on today as the FPL has become the greatest soccer league in the States. 




At the end of the concept you will be able to vote on your favorite design (via the boards) and which ever club receives the most votes will be the champion of the 2015/2016 FPL season. The final standings will be released at the end of the voting.





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6 hours ago, MrRockyTop16 said:

I'm in! (By the way the Florida in the league's logo gets lost in the ball, maybe keep the ball blue and white and change the Florida's color. Or just move it)

Alright I'll try changing it to gray. Hopefully it comes out better. First team will be up no later than tomorrow, maybe even tonight

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Jacksonville Soccer Club was founded in 1919, along with the FFF. It was originally a very unknown club, and they were forced to play games with only 8 players when the other clubs had a full team. Due to their lack of players, JSC was usually at the bottom of the table. However after 1943, when the league suspended play, Jacksonville had made an impressive turn around, and started to play their best. They won the league 3 times in 4 years, and by 1950, they became the most popular club in Florida. In 1950, JSC was bought by a duo of Brazilian business owners, and they brought the Brazilian style of play to their club. JSC became known for its explosive and entertaining play style, and they started to attract top-class players. JSC became the most iconic club in Florida by the 70's and every year they qualified for the American Champions League and were very successful in it (they won it 3 times). JSC is rivals with its neighbor Sporting Tallahassee and its classic enemy Orlando Athletic. Orlando and Jacksonville have formed the longest derby in Florida soccer history, known as the Blues Derby. Jacksonville have won the league 13 times since its founding in 1919, making it the 3rd most successful club in Florida. 



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20 minutes ago, mamiller99 said:

Not a huge fan of the badge, the statue would look better if you outlined it yourself. Kits look decent, I think the home should use grey instead of black however

Agreed on the statue. I do like the black and blue of the home kit, though. That said, it's hard to reconcile the stripes in the badge, but none on the home kit.

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Atletico Miami was founded in 1945, right after the league continued play after WWII. The club was founded by Atletico Madrid as another branch to the Atletico family (similar to NYCFC and Man City). The kits and badge were made to be similar to their parent club. The club is one of the newer sides to enter the league, but they adapted to the ultra-competetive spirit of the FPL. They have gone on to become the 5th most successful club in Florida and they have never been relegated. Atletico Miami is known for their vocal fan base and creative style of play. Every season they have been able to produce top-class strikers, who have either moved to Europe or become a legend at the club. In 1959, they started to form a rivalry with their noisy neighbor, Inter Miami FC. The two sides became the Man United and Man City of Florida. In 1972, the rivalry turned ugly, when after halftime, as the players were leaving the dressing room, One of Atletico's players spit in an Inter player's face. This caused a huge brawl between all the sides' players and their managers. The skirmish became so big that the fans started to invade the pitch and get involved in the fight. Since this incident, the two sides have had numerous ugly, yet entertaining matches that never cease to disappoint. The rivalry, El Miami Clásico, has become the biggest rivalry in Florida and among the biggest rivalries in North America. Atletico have won the league 8 times, their most recent being in 2013.





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  • 1 month later...

I know. It's been a while. Tbh I've been really busy with school and just kinda lost the interest. But now my interest has returned! I present to you, Inter Miami FC.




Inter Miami FC is the oldest club in Florida's most famous city, being formed in 1936. Their teal and navy kits were something the football universe had never seen before, and it made them stand out in a good way. They were instant successes and they became the biggest club in America from the 40's to the 50's. Inter were unstoppable, and it appeared that nobody could even come close to beating them. But then disaster struck in 1965 when the club went bankrupt. They had to go back to square one and develop their own youth players instead of spending money on big name stars. Luckily, they had a very talented youth academy, and they produced some world class players that could contend with players of the same ilk of Pelé, Johan Cruijff, and George Best. Inter's biggest star, a Brazilian maestro named Ederson Paulista, carried the side to worldwide stardom and they won the American Champions League 4 years in a row. The side had then won 9 FPL trophies, and Paulista just added on to that. By 1971, Inter had more than 25 trophies in all competitions. El Miami Clásico's incident of 1972 added on to the competitive spirit of the club, which just fueled them to win even more. The club currently boasts the talents of Zlatan Ibrahimović and Cristiano Ronaldo and they now hold the record for most Florida league trophies with 23.



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AC Orlando is one of the founding members of the FFF in 1923 and they have been known as one of the most historic clubs in America. AC Orlando originally started out as a recreational side, and they only played in local 5-a-side matches. The club became so talented and dominant in this category, they decided to find an owner and move up to the professional level. They did the unthinkable and won the league in their first season. However, after their miracle season, they failed to win another trophy until the 50's. By then, soccer was catching on in not only Florida, but also in the USA, so when ACO won the league in consecutive seasons (1954 and 1955), they started to catch everyone's attention. Orlando continued to succeed when they won the American Champions League in 1970, which brought them to the pinnacle of worldwide football. They started to win the league again and again and by 1985, they had already captured 11 trophies (6 leagues, 3 league cups, and 2 ACL's). Despite their success, they have often been overshadowed by their arch-rival, Jacksonville SC. The Blues Derby is one of the most intense rivalries in Florida sports, and AC Orlando have been the champions the past three years. 




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On March 6, 2016 at 8:45 PM, CanucksBrad said:

All looks good. The only thing I would suggest would be to create a map of Florida and then include the logos and locations of each. Those always help me to visualize the scope of the league, especially when they are in a smaller area.

I was thinking about doing that at the end and use it as a recap of all the teams I created. I already have one designed though so if you think I should start using one now, just let me know

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