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Premeira Liga dos Açores (Fictional Portuguese Soccer League) [6/12]


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I had so much fun with my U ES M concept that I decided I'd do a series... at my own pace, with knowledge of my own lack of skill.


So here it is, the Premeira Liga dos Açores, a 10, 12, or 14 team league (depending on my willpower) based on the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The Secret of the Atlantic has it's own rich history and unique culture separate from that of it's parent which I hope to showcase here.

I will try to represent each ilha (island), concelho (municipality) or freguesia (parish) as best as I can, using etymology, history, and industry and will describe it in each post. I will try to represent each of the nine islands in this series to the best of my ability. This is all a slow work in progress but the end goal for me is eventually turning this into a small media guide.


U ES Micaelense, Sao Miguel

Rabo de Peixe FC, Sao Miguel

CF Madalena, Pico

CD Horta, Faial

SC Mariense, Santa Maria

FC Corvense, Corvo


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U ES Micalense


An incredibly religious society, U. E.S. Micaelense is inspired by the patron saint of the Azores, the Holy Spirit, and by the characteristically coloured hydrangeas on the island:

"The man that had the idea to border the road with these plants should have a statue on the island. In no other place, do they prosper better: they need a covering of light, humidity and heat...they are in their place. Their blue, is the blue that adorns the Azores on lipid days...this is a blue that is even more blue, the bunches of flowers of a colour more intense and more fresh. They are in every direction: rising along the roads and the fields forming hedges; they serve to divide the parcels and to cover the peaceful animals."

— Raul Brandão, As Ilhas Desconhecidas (1926), p.33


(my own pic)


Players for Os Divinos (The Divine) are the three most well known players from the archipelago. Alternate colours drawn from the flag of Ponta Delgada, the capital of Sao Miguel (Micaelense is the demonym)


and the sceptre, a symbol in the Cult of the Holy Spirit (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult_of_the_Holy_Spirit) from Azorean Christianity.


I realize the primary and clash are pretty close together in colour, but I thought they worked well and the red could be worn quite often.


From my last iteration, I have changed the shorts to add the logo and a red stripe near the hem of the shorts. I wanted to keep red in the background on the primary and clash but I do agree, the shorts did need some red.

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Rabo de Peixe FC


Rabo de Peixe (Portuguese for tail of the fish) is a hardworking, blue collar village in the north of Sao Miguel. The crest and kit are meant to emulate that same ruggedness that the people of Rabo de Peixe have in their blood. Think of this team as the Millwall of the Acores.


From A Profile of the Azorean (a book of which it's passages I will refer to quite often):


"...the Micaelense [from Sao Miguel] is the hardest worker of the archipelago and is also the most different from the mainlander [continental Portugal] - rough, industrious, sturdy, and tenacious..."


"Perhaps he was shortchanged during Nature's parceling out of life's goods, and perhaps those goods were showered preferentially on the other islanders; for whatever reason, it is the Micaelense that raises the hoe highest in the digging, that carves the deepest furrow in the land, and that sows the waiting soil most vigorously."


A fish cut in half is the centrepiece of the crest (inlaid in a simple, solid square perfect for Os Pescadors (The Fishermen)) similar to the imagery in the village's coat of arms:



Collars and cuffs are kept black, along with the home shorts, as they do not show dirt and filth. A more eloquent third jersey features colours from the village's coat of arms above.


You'll notice there is a stark similarity between this and the real team from RdP (CD Rabo de Peixe), but I thought the scheme and idea worked pretty well and just added a bit of my own tweaking.


C&C appreciated, as always.

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CF Madalena


Now, we travel to another island. Madalena is on the island of Pico in the so-called Central Group. Mount Pico is the highest point on the archipelago at 7,700 feet above sea level. The club is appropriately nicknamed Alpinismos (climbers).



Primary and clash are divided by a peak inspired by the mountain, with similar angles and peaks appearing on the shorts and socks.


C&C appreciated.

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RBFC updated. Thank you PaperThin. My struggle was that I felt the fins blended into the body outline too much, so I added a small stroke to provide some separation.


CD Horta


The fourth team in this series is located in Horta on the island of Faial. Named after Josse van Hueter, the first settler of the Azores, the community has been a historically major maritime centre. It has acted as a stopover for commercial routes between Europe and the New World, an outpost for Azorean exports (oranges and wine), and a waypoint for early transatlantic travel. 


This key part of the island's economy is showcased by a scene of a sailing fishing boat inlaid in a steering wheel, and with a blue-and-white checkered pattern present on the shorts and alternate, which is reminiscent of both the city's flag and naval signal flags. 


Pt-hrt1.png Signal%20Flags.JPG


C&C appreciated.

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  • 1 month later...

I said I was going to do this at my own pace, and here we are, a month later. I'm going to stop doing the keeper kits, as I don't think it adds much benefit to the whole of the series.

SC Mariense


Sporting Clube Mariense is the sole club representing the island of Santa Maria (Saint Maria), the south-western most of the archipelago. Nicknamed Empreiteiro, for Builder, the club was founded by local craftsman on the island, which is famous for it's distinctive chimneys - these can only be seen on the island of Santa Maria.




The blue comes from the colour painted ubiquitously on the island as a trim on typical Azorean villas, and the red from the flag of Vila do Porto. The team is sponsored by Mota-Engil, a multinational Portuguese company in infrastructure and real estate.





Commentary and critique appreciated.

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5 hours ago, sleuthpanther said:

These are fantastic! (I really like those goalie kits, shoot) You're eye for detail is incredible, keep up the good work.


I'll give the people what they want... SC Mariense updated.


4 hours ago, XenonDesigns said:

The ways you implement the symbols of the area is stunning! My grandfather was actually born on the Azores (Açores? Lol I'm not Portuguese) and we have some family over there! So I think I'll be following this series pretty keenly. Good work.


I am diaspora as well, grandparents and one parent from the islands.

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FC Corvense


This should mark the halfway point in the series. The sixth team in the PLA is located on the least populous island in the Azores, Corvo, portuguese for crow. So, it's obvious to see where the inspiration came for this identity. Probably not a big enough town/village for a football team, but I wanted to have each island represented. First two are quite modern monochromatic looks, with a throwback third. The predominant colour here comes from the bird, with red representing the formation of a protected area on Ilha Corvo, the Caldeirão, remnants of the last volcanic activity on the island.




Commentary and critique appreciated.

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Find a way to incorporate the red on the primary and clash kits some other way the jersey striping looks strange, the shorts look good though, for goalies you should find some other way to incorporate the black, what about a stripe behind the kit sponsor and club logo

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7 hours ago, Thunfish said:

Really enjoying this! It's unusual to see a place like Azores to be the focus of something for one.
The Rabo de Peixe one is brilliant.

 Thanks! Let me know if anything is grammatically incorrect, I only have a cursory understanding of the language. 

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1 minute ago, lopernv said:

 Thanks! Let me know if anything is grammatically incorrect, I only have a cursory understanding of the language. 

Nah, you're doing a bang up job. Though I do wonder if you really meant to name União as Union of the Holy Spirit and all.

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On 2/28/2016 at 6:54 PM, Thunfish said:

Nah, you're doing a bang up job. Though I do wonder if you really meant to name União as Union of the Holy Spirit and all.


Yep, definitely wanted the Catholic inspiration to be clear.


Thanks for your comments everyone, I welcome any others with open arms.

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