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My Own Super Bowl 50 Logo


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I have designed my very own Super Bowl 50 logo and program cover. Among the many places I want to take my graphic design talents is the NFL's crowning glory. IMO, Super Bowl 50 should be at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI.  It is appalling that Lambeau Field was not selected as the site of Super Bowl 50. I can not think of a more worthy recipient of the 50th playing of the Super Bowl. Lambeau Field is the NFL's holiest mecca, its most sacred cathedral of gridiron glory. What better place to hold the golden anniversary of America's Game than in the home stadium of the NFL team with the most NFL championships, most game wins, most Pro Football Hall of Famers, as well as the home of the Super Bowl championship trophy's namesake?

Super Bowl 50 Program Cover.jpg

Super Bowl 50 Logo.jpg

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