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Lisander Random Designs


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Maybe some of you remember Lisander, my Nationstates nation, that appeared here before.


I'm currently planning new season uniforms to soccer, rugby union and hockey leagues, but before I'd like to show some random stuff I've made in last 3 years for this nation and other related nations.

To start, one of most traditional clubs of the nation. Club Sparta was founded in 1899 and is the most winner of soccer First Division/ League 1/ The Premiership, with 16 titles. Is a traditional club in other sports aswell, like Basketball, Handball, Rugby and Waterpolo. In 1949, Club Sparta won all the first division club competitions. In honor of this feat, the Parliament of the Nation offered Sparta a blue ribbon. Since then, the crest of Club Sparta features a blue band over the black and red stripes.


Crest History









Waterpolo (I must apologize, this is really useless creation ever)



For today this is all. Tomorrow, I`m supposed to bring other team/ club/ league/ whatever.


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Adding some clubs from The Premiership today!


For first, the current national champions, the AS Virtus 1904.



After it, a traditional team in the south, that is a newcomer to club of big ones, AC Kasandora 56a4f5e0c5e63_Screenshot_3(4).png.f0cc4d


From the south we still have one, with tradition, but with small money they are in some hard times. FC Dawson.



From the north, recently repromoted from National League, SC Grandeville.



From the deepest north, where all balls are orange, CN Sendas, also called Naval.

Sem título-3 (2).png

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