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  • If all of your projects are closely related, put them in one thread.
  • Try posting only one at a time. People will offer thoughtful critique. Then go use that critique to revise the concept. Once you've improved a concept and are satisfied, then post the next concept.

Doing these things will give you more mileage in this community and you'll gain more from it.

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These concepts you've been posting all look way too similar. 


They look very dated and aren't put together well at all. How would these translate to one color? They wouldn't. Why do any of these logos make any sense at all? They don't. 


I understand if you like a certain style and I can see how you're influenced by late 80s neon, heavy chrome logos but you need to find a way to take that influence and flip it into something that fits within today's visual landscape. None of these concepts would be accepted or used today. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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