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NHL by Adidas 2016-2017


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56a5226121870_nhlbyadidas.thumb.png.6e63Since things are picking up for the NHL towards the all-star break I thought I would start a new series.  I'm going to take it slow with a team maybe every 1-2 weeks. Ads will be on jerseys and helmets but minimal and along the lines of what the AHL is already doing.   I'm not going to drastically change any logos or mess with O6 uniforms but I will spice things up a bit.  So without further ado, The NHL by Adidas for 2016-2017, starting with the Anaheim Ducks.









I decided to keep the current color scheme and logos but subtracted the use of silver.  The uniforms are loosely based off of the current 3rd jersey and I went with a greater emphasis on the more vibrant orange.  Honda is their sponsor because they are a big part of the Ducks organization.  Based on comments I will go back and revisit my concepts.  Next will be the Arizona Coyotes.  

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Liking Anaheim. Interesting how you went for a conservative look for a team of typically not conservative looks. One suggestion though: switch the logos. Have the webbed D on the alternate and the Disney logo on the Home/Away.  

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Any reason for the ads? I know it happens to be in the manufacturer's name, but the NHL has already confirmed adless uniforms.


As for the concept, I like this general direction, but with the striping the gold and orange colours need to be separated. That's one thing the existing uniforms do well.

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