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USFL Redesign: Michigan Panthers and Expansion Talk (6/8)


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I'm back with an update. Only two teams left to reveal after this post. My sources are telling me there are some league changes in the works. I will report them further in post after this.

Team #6: Michigan Panthers

This primary logo is actually a slight update of a previous panther logo I made as apart of my WHA redesign 5 years ago. This logo in particular never saw the light of day until now. The logo is a front-facing panther head in a somewhat-abstract style. It is a big departure from the original Panthers logo. The color scheme is brick red/turquoise blue/cream. As you see, the helmet is cream with the primary logo on both sides. It has a R/B/R stripe. The home uniform is red cream pants. It has cream numerals outlined in turquoise with a cream and turquoise striping pattern akin to the Browns old uniforms. The pants feature the same three stripe pattern on the helmet. The road uniform has red numerals outlined in turquoise with a red and turquoise striping pattern. It has red pants with a cream/turquoise/cream striping pattern. 

Let me know what you guys think. 


Home Uniform


Road Uniform 



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So, my league sources are indicating that the USFL is looking to expand to 16 teams in the immediate future. They however have decided they do not want to continue with brands of the original USFL and they are changing their logo. They are asking me to reach out to the public in search of team names for the next eight teams. 

The league has also changed its uniform policy. As expansion begins, teams will be allowed three sets of uniforms and one throwback uniform (or fauxback). It has also re-negotiated its contract with Nike – the sportswear giant will now provide a custom uniform cut. That's all the information I have though. 

Where would you like to see teams? 

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@ahowe6464 3 uniforms – Home, Road, and Alternate – plus a throwback/fauxback. As for whether this will run like a fictional league or not, as of now, I'm not planning on it. It'll most likely be just concepts, but as the league expands, I would be open to someone running the league in that sense. 


I'm gonna put a running list of all team location suggestions in the original post as well. 

Anybody have c&c regarding the last few teams? 

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Hawaii Suns using some sort of leis reference or Warriors, Rochester North Stars because of the newspaper started by Fredrick Douglass there, Providence Mariners or Rhode Island Reds, Virginia Sevens because of seven cities in Hampton roads region, Columbus Schooners, San Antonio Alamos or Phantoms, Portland Beavers or Lumberjacks, Alaska Polar Bears or Fronteirmen

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Try these team ideas 

Miami Hammerheads/Sharks/Blacktips

San Diego Conquistadors/Destroyers 

New York Gladiators

Dallas Bulls

Los Angeles Express

San Francisco Miners

Atlanta Firebirds

Arizona Wranglers 

Nashville Spartans 

Chicago Blitz  

Philadelphia Stars 

(Went for Major Markets, having large market teams will be good for the New USFL in the long run


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Here's my idea for the expansion team in my hometown: the Columbus Dragons.


Helmet: blue with the face of an angry Seto Kaiba, except that he's wearing a football helmet 

Home jersey: blue with white numbers outlined in yellow with red sleeve caps

Away jersey: white with blue numbers outlined in red with blue sleeve caps

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