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What do you think of this fox I created?


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Hiya, folks. I’m just throwing this up here to get some feedback. I’m really trying to work on my animal rendering for logo purposes, but I also know there’s a lot to improve upon. For instance, these almost look too realistic (especially #3). Anyway, here’s what I was working on for the Wilmington Wonders in my Stateside Soccer Federation (shameless plug!). They are three variations on a fox.


Any ideas, tips, pointers, critiques (especially critiques) would be greatly appreciated.


Please note, I took Davidson’s skillshare class, so you will definitely see some similarities in snout area and how I continued through the process, not to mention the final pieces.


Thanks in advance!





Larger final versions



And PS - Thanks to rsaline and sleuthpanther for their previous critiques on the usage of the fox.

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Number 1 screams fox to me, largely from the colors but also the "sideburns" or whatever you want to call the side-face-whisker things.  If you were making a team logo, that's the one I'd start with.


Number 2 looks slightly more wolf-like to me.  Not a bad thing, but it's almost kind of a wolf-bobcat mix.  Toss some whiskers on the snout and I'd think it was a feline instead of canine.


Number 3 looks somewhat half-fox and half-raccoon or other small forest furry.  I think on Number 3, it's the ears that make it less canine, since they are more upright and closer together like what you might see in a rabbit, etc.  Also, the face seems WAY to wide/round, especially when compared to the nose/mouth.  I think that's also what gives it the rodent vibe to me, as most wild canines tend to have elongated snouts (see: German Shepherd) instead of short, stubby faces (see: bulldog, pugs) 

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I think if you changed the colors of #2 to the orange, black and white of #1, and elongated the mouth and snout or flattened the very top of the head, (it just feels slightly too circular as is)... and maybe make the cheek tufts a little bigger and longer, but #2 is my favorite, good job!   

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Here's an update. I went with the suggestions and combined some elements, made some color changes, etc., etc. The real differences between A and B are the lines around the eyes and snouts.


I think there's one that floated to the top, but what do you think? (the originals are presented here again, for comparison's sake)




@rsaline and @sleuthpanther - Sorry to sort of call you out, but because you commented on the original fox from my SSF series, I thought I would show you the updates and get your feedback, too.

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The eyes on A are much better as well as the stroke lengths. This shows so much improvement from your stateside logo. I found this picture of a gray fox since that was the mascot, and maybe you can use it as a reference, but I think you are definitely on the right track!626740.jpg


PS: very different to be "called out" on the boards. I like it.

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