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Fictional Spartans Team Concept


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Hello everyone. I've been working on a fictional league for quite some time, and I was looking for some feedback on this particular set of uniforms. DISCLAIMER: I am aware that this is a recolored San Jose State logo, I am in the midst of learning to draw my own logos to replace them. Also, the number font is Conrad's "Golden Bear".  



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21 hours ago, RyanB03 said:

IMO, the colors are too close, my suggestion would be to darken the purple or blue, whatever color it is


8 hours ago, JMtexan09 said:

i would suggest regular Royal Blue and Lime Green instead brighten them all. 


Here's my quick take on both suggestions. I think they each look pretty good, and the original color scheme definitely needed adjusting. thanks for your feedback!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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