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Fan Gear Sale and Discount Codes Thread


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A discussion came up in another thread about a big jersey sale on the MLB store. I didn't know of it at the time, and probably would have bought a jersey had I known.


Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread in which we could alert each other of sales and online discount codes for jerseys, hats, fan gear, etc. If this is inappropriate, please delete.


First off, Lids.com is currently giving 50% off NFL hats for all teams outside of the Broncos and Panthers. The discount code is NFLHATS.

Lids also has 50% off clearance gear right now, but they've had this sale for a few weeks and are probably picked over. The clearance code is SALE50

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Has anybody seen any authentic jerseys at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory in the last few weeks?  

Feb & March are the big times for Majestic to dump stuff off onto the discount chains- but this year has been quiet.  Considering the overhaul of the on field jersey design- I would have expected something to show up.  All I've seen is some Yankees fleeces from two years ago, one style of Mets NL Champs t's and the rest generic t's.  No jerseys, hats, fleeces or jackets in upstate NY (Albany).  


Anybody have any thing that they have seen?


BTW I keep picking up select jerseys from Majestic from the old cool base.  They may not be  Flex Base- but the Mets jerseys are still Mets Jerseys.  Considering some of these jerseys are $290 clams, I stocked up for the next year.  


Interesting what team's cool base jerseys are still available directly from Majestic.  Jays, Dodgers, Giants are pretty well cleaned out.  Everyone else as some sort of jersey available - even the Yankees and at good prices!  There are a TON of WS Royals jerseys- guess they aren't that popular.  Majestic may be selling those into this year's World Series. 

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T-Mobile subscribers can get free MLB.tv. If you already paid for MLB.tv and have T-Mobile, let them know. They gave me a credit to the MLB.com shop. Not as good as a refund, but better than nothing.



(I don't work for T-Mobile or anything, just thought I'd share since I just found out about it.)

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