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DAKINS' 2016/2017 Toronto Maple Leafs Logo/Jersey Concept


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Hey guys, this is the first sports concept I've ever done outside of racing liveries.  


As a Leaf fan, I've always been curious about when they would change the long standing "Ballard Leaf".  


With such a long history, and the many changes their logo has gone through, it's only fitting that the 100th anniversary of the franchise gets a new logo that ties all* of the designs of the past into one, while still looking modern.  (*Well, maybe not all, you will notice the lack of the colour green in this concept.)


I'm really pleased with how this turned out, so I hope you like it:




As a bonus, I did a quick chop of a few images of the jersey on current photos to give a better idea of how it looks in action:




Let me know what you think!



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Very nicely done, one of the best leaf re - designs i've seen so far! One Criticism would be the size and placement of the hem stripes, it just feels like it's competing with the logo a little bit, I think if they were a little more subtle it would look great!  


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These are easily the best jerseys I've seen for this re-brand on the site so far. If there's any feedback I can give it would be to reduce the negative space in the logo, but other than that the entire look looks great.

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