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PBL Paint Court Templates (8/19: Midwest Division COMPLETE, Buffalo 716ers up)


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Once again using lightning25's Paint basketball court template, I decided to try another series...this time with Premier Basketball League courts!

Here's the first in the series, for my hometown team!


Racine Storm

Venue: Memorial Hall at Racine Civic Centre


For this one, I kept it simple (as I probably will for all courts in this series).  I took the state outline-lightning bolt from the center of the Storm's logo, put "RACINE" at both ends of the court (because I would anticipate that floor being used for a lot more than just the Storm), and put the Racine Civic Center on both sides.

C&C please...will be working on the next one soon (it'll probably be the Danville Riverhawks)

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4 minutes ago, Discrimihater said:

They're playing at Memorial Hall this year?  Huh, news to me.  Then again, IIRC it hosted a WWE event a few years ago, so it's not impossible, just kinda surprising. 

Yes, they are...it's a nice, intimate venue, but right now, they get the court taped up each gameday, so it's rather plain.  However, if they ever decide they want to get a floor of their own, that's what I'm here for.


Anyway, here's the second one!

Danville Riverhawks

Venue: David S. Palmer Arena


Not all that different from their current court, but there are no Riverhawks markings on that (it's a multipurpose arena which IIRC just uses that one court), so I decided to spruce it up.  Once again, I put their alternate logo at center court, keeping the orange background and making sure all three colors balance.  The main reason I picked the roundel logo and had "Danville" at both ends is the same reason I did so for my Storm-because Palmer Arena can (and does) host multiple basketball events each year, so when they do they can keep this floor mostly intact, covering up as few parts as they can.


C&C please...next one will likely be the new sheriffs in town, the Kentucky Mavericks!

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Surprised at how quickly I'm finishing these up...here's the next one already!

Kentucky Mavericks

Venue: Owensboro Sportscenter


Now this one is more based on the court currently in place...though with no Mavs markings as it's the home of the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers basketball team.  This time, I put the horse's head inside the arcs and actually listed the team's website (it's the same as their hashtag slogan).  I bet you're wondering why I put an Independence Bank logo at the bottom center of this: well, Independence Bank is the center court sponsor on the current floor, but I want all my teams to really have a presence on their center court.  As such, I put their smaller logo at the bottom of the Mavs' one.


C&C is GREATLY appreciated...not sure whether I'll do Indianapolis, Lake Michigan or Grand Rapids next.

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And next up...the Indianapolis Diesels!

Indianapolis Diesels

Venue: Jonathan Byrd's Fieldhouse


Starting this year, the Diesels now play at the brand-new Jonathan Byrd's Fieldhouse at Grand Park; in nearby Westfield, a multi-purpose sports complex.  Since the facility has multiple courts, I thought it would make sense if at least one was painted in Diesels colors, which led to this classic design I whipped up here.


C&C greatly appreciated...next up will be the Lake Michigan Admirals!

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5 hours ago, Jvhn177 said:

All the courts look nice, hopefully the RazorSharks are up soon

They'll be the first one up in the Northeast Division...but first I'll finish up the Midwest Division.

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Thank you for all the positive feedback...here is the next one!

Lake Michigan Admirals

Venue: Various (most often at Michigan Lutheran High School)


The Admirals have proven to be everything a basketball team should be; closely connected to their community (St. Joseph and its twin city of Benton Harbor), perennial contenders, and constantly taking pride in getting their players to play pro ball overseas!  Because of their various venues (and owner's desire to one day build a monolithic domed arena for the team), I left off any court markings, greatly enlarged the logo, and put "Admirals" at both ends (because the name alone is internationally recognized).  In addition, I made it mainly gold, because I really see this one day being the court at their new arena.

As I keep saying, C&C is ALWAYS appreciated...next up is the Grand Rapids Cyclones, and then the Midwest Division will be complete and I can move on to the Northeast Division!

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And here it is...sooner than anybody expected!


Grand Rapids Cyclones

Venue: Unknown


Originally calling the DeltaPlex Arena home, the Cyclones found themselves looking for a new venue (and going through several) thanks to the arrival of the D-League's Grand Rapids Drive.  Some questioned their status for the season, but under new ownership, the 'Clones have tipped off (though still yet to announce their home venue for the season).  This is by far the simplest design I've put together, because they just have that one logo...and wear just that on the front of their jerseys (not even a player numeral on front).  I might update this when they make the venue announcement.

C&C is still appreciated...the Midwest Division is complete, and next up is the Razorsharks!

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Now with possibly the most-anticipated set on here...the Rochester Razorsharks!


Rochester Razorsharks

Venue: Blue Cross Arena


Like Racine and Danville's courts which I did earlier, that floor is home to a LOT more than just the Razorsharks.  As such, I kept its character as close to the original as I could, while making improvements in specifically Razorsharks colors.  I feel the "R-fin" is strong enough to carry the center court, but wanted to have a "shark-in-the-water" effect somewhere, so I put the primary in both black keys.  Finally, the court's already known as the Les Harrison Court, after the founder of that arena's first basketball tenant, the NBA's Rochester Royals (later moved to Cincinnati and Kansas City and now the Sacramento Kings, and whose 1951 NBA title is still the franchise's most recent).  I know it might be too cluttered to some, but the court's about that cluttered IRL too right now.


C&C appreciated once more...next up will probably be the Buffalo 716ers.

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13 minutes ago, Rootkm said:

Love your basketball courts!  I live close to where the Danville Riverhawks play.  Do you have a template that I could use to design some local high school courts?


Thank you SO much!  Here's the template I use (originally made by lightning25).  Enjoy:


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And now...the Buffalo 716ers!


Buffalo 716ers
Venue: Burt Flickinger Center, SUNY Erie Community College


My primary inspiration for this was the old Buffalo Braves' court...that's why the 716ers logo is inside a white circle, the court is this simply colored, and the fonts around it are old-school.  The 716ers are one of the better-promoted teams in the PBL, and while they might not reach the Bills or Sabres in terms of popularity, they are getting on par with the Bisons and Beauts in that regard.

C&C is ALWAYS appreciated...next up, the New England Shamrocks!

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