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NFL Redesign - Update: Pro Bowl Unis Added


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Hey everyone, long time to see. I still lurk here from time to time; I had an NFL redesign going a while back but I got burnt out on it. This thread came about a few months ago when I was modding an indie football game to see how the concepts I made would look in-game. After I was finished, I figured “why not?” and mocked up concepts for every team.


There are a few minor changes to the ‘rules’ for the uniforms:


  • Uniforms are still one helmet only, up to three jerseys, pants, and socks.
  • No throwbacks.
  • Every team has an alt uniform, this is usually a third jersey but some teams will opt to wear a specific combo with their primary jersey as an alt, usually monochrome. The alts would also double as the Color Rush uniforms (not every alt will be mono).
  • Socks no longer have to be white on the bottom; not a fan of players wearing the white bottoms at different lengths so let’s get rid of that.


You may have seen some of these before, that’s because I wasn’t originally planning on sharing them, but I did try to make changes here and there. All 32 teams are finished so I’m just gonna upload em all at once. Here we go:



San Francisco 49ers:

Minimal changes to their current look:


  • Red facemask
  • Sleeve stripes have been moved so that all three fit, and have shiny gold accents. Socks are also striped.
  • Gold numbers on all three jerseys.
  • White pants and socks are an option
  • Black alt jersey stays, but paired with gold pants and black socks













Chicago Bears:

Sort of a combination of their current set and their throwbacks:


  • Matte navy helmet
  • All three jerseys have the same striping pattern: solid orange stripes on a navy sleeve.
  • Thinner pant stripes to give them an ‘old school’ look
  • Orange pants become an option for the road
  • Orange alt jersey












Cincinnati Bengals:

Their current look is a mess, I tried to simplify it but also add some modern touches:


  • Orange jersey becomes the primary.
  • Orange to white gradient helmet
  • Orange sleeve caps on all three jerseys; no more shoulder yokes or side panels
  • Numbers have a sublimated tiger stripe design
  • Pants now have a full pant stripe; orange pants added
  • Blackout alt












Buffalo Bills:

I really like their current look; my original design for them was basically their current look with minor changes. But after looking at it for a while I got really bored with it, so I decided to switch it up:


  • Royal blue and red, no more navy.
  • Return of the red helmet. The facemask is also red to give them a unique look in the league.
  • Stripes on the helmet, sleeves, and pants fan out to mimic the stripe in the logo.
  • Mono red alt












Denver Broncos:

Not much has changed here from my last design:


  • Royal blue returns as an accent
  • Navy to royal gradient helmet and sleeves
  • Orange pants added
  • Colorblocked socks to mimic the striped socks of their current set
  • Navy alt












Cleveland Browns:

You know, I don’t hate their new uniforms. I love the new shade of orange. They have a lot of unnecessary elements to them but with a few tweaks it’d be a really nice look:


  • No more contrasting stitching. Or maybe it’s still there? Who cares, I can never see it.
  • Wordmark is shrunk down.
  • White numbers on the brown jersey, brown on the white. Lift shadow stays.
  • Striping pattern on the white jersey and pants is reversed.
  • Pant stripe has the same notched design as the jersey, extends down most of the leg. No more wordmark on the pants.
  • Striped socks
  • Orange alt












Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Number font aside, their look has grown on me. They have way too many colors, though. You don’t need black and that dark shade of pewter. I really liked their Color Rush jerseys, so I combined them with my previous design.


  • New color scheme: Red, pewter, silver/chrome. Orange and black remain only in the logos.
  • New number font
  • Dropped the pewter yoke for pewter sleeve caps.
  • Pirate ship logo is on both sides, wordmark is in the center of the jersey.
  • The orange accents have been replaced with shiny chrome accents throughout the uniforms.
  • Mono red alt (paired with pewter socks)











Arizona Cardinals

Not a fan of the shoulder yoke, side panel pipe fest that is their current set, so I gave them a Vikings-esque redesign by simplifying their look.


  • Dropped black and replaced it with gray.
  • Sublimated flag design on the sleeves and pants. I know this has been done to death for the Cardinals, but for a team that has had simple uniforms for most of their history, this is something I could see them doing.
  • Gray pants added
  • Gray alt. Don’t worry, this won’t get confused with the Seahawks, because they won’t have one anymore.














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Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers decide to move to LA, LA gets a team in both conferences. With the move the Chargers decide to go with a brighter look.


  • Powder blue becomes the primary with more emphasis on gold than before; navy remains as an accent.
  • Numbers return to the helmet, facemask changed to white.
  • Lightning bolt returns to over the shoulders, and is always placed on a white background.
  • Powder blue and gold pants added.
  • Colorblocked socks the like Broncos to mimic their previous set.
  • Navy alt














Kansas City Chiefs

Not much changed from my last redesign, I really liked the way this one turned out. I don’t think the Chiefs will, or should, change their uniforms anytime soon, but where’s the fun in that?


  • Gold outline added to the logo to give the helmet some extra color.
  • Stripes feature a Native American-inspired design.
  • Gold alt














Indianapolis Colts


  • Gray facemask changed to blue.
  • Helmet numbers inside the horseshoe.
  • Jersey remains unchanged, save for a new number font.
  • Pants have a single stripe to match the helmet.
  • Socks are striped to match the jerseys.
  • Blue pants and white socks added.
  • Mono blue alt














Dallas Cowboys


  • Chrome helmet with a chrome decal
  • Navy and silver become the primary colors.
  • Gradient featuring the many shades of blue and silver used throughout their history is used as striping on the uniforms.
  • White and navy pants added
  • Whiteout alt, based on their Color Rush uniform












Miami Dolphins

I like their current look, but it needs more color. They have such a nice color scheme, why not use it?

  • Orange is more prominent in the uniforms than the (light navy? dark aqua?) blue.
  • Chrome aqua facemask. I don’t mind the white facemask for them, but a couple of other teams will have an all-white helmet and the new shade of aqua looks really great.
  • Sleeves now have stripes, the whiteout look is still the primary but now has some extra color to it.
  • Asymmetrical floating pant stripe
  • Socks are striped to match the sleeves
  • Orange alt














Philadelphia Eagles

I know everyone wants them to go back to kelly green, but I really like midnight green for the Eagles. The problem is the other colors it’s paired with. Currently it looks like their color scheme is black, light black, and greenish black. So here’s my take on them.


  • Midnight green and silver, with black as an accent.
  • Contrasting sleeve caps paired with over the shoulder stripes are meant to mimic the stripe-heavy sleeves of their old uniforms.
  • Sleeve caps feature a sublimated feather design.
  • Silver alt.














Atlanta Falcons

Their current look has gotten stale, my design is a modern take on their classic throwbacks.


  • Brighter red and a darker gray
  • Red helmet returns, black jersey becomes the primary.
  • Stripe design meant to mimic the notches in the logo.
  • Black and gray pants added
  • Red alt











New York Giants

Sort of another modern take on a throwback:


  • Removed the helmet stripe so that the uniforms won’t be overloaded with multiple striping patterns. The shiny blue finish the helmets currently have remains.
  • To keep some red on the helmet, a red outline is added to the logo
  • Jerseys now have a shoulder yoke. I’m not a fan of yokes, but I think the Giants could pull it off, and they’ve had one in their past.
  • All three pants have a red/silver/blue/silver/red pattern. Blue pants added
  • Striped socks to match the yoke.
  • Red alt











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Jacksonville Jaguars

A combination of their current look and their original set.


  • Matte black helmet, with the logo on the right, and a chrome gold number on the left.
  • Teal becomes the primary again.
  • Sleeves have an asymmetrical design similar to the stripes from their first set, with a ‘jagged’ look to tie in with their current look.
  • Jags patch moved to the hip, floating pant stripe with the same design on the sleeves.
  • Teal pants and socks added.
  • Blackout alt












New York Jets

Mostly unchanged from my previous design, with a few tweaks.


  • New logo is a combination of their current look and 90’s set.
  • The return of kelly green! ..and black.
  • Helmet is inspired by one of Navy’s one-offs. ⅔’s green and ⅓ white, with a thick black stripe separating them. Flipped the green and white from my last design.
  • Jerseys have an across the chest Jet design
  • Black pants and socks added
  • Blackout alt












Detroit Lions

This version combines their current look with the stripeless throwbacks they used to wear on Thanksgiving.


  • Helmet has a satin finish, similar to the Seahawks and Vikings.
  • Stripes removed from the helmet and pants, stripes added to the socks.
  • Sleeve stripe remains mostly unchanged, only now the black stripes are thinner than the white, meant to show that black is just an accent color.
  • Silver numbers on the blue jersey.
  • White and blue pants added, white socks added
  • Monolulu blue alt












Green Bay Packers

Not much has changed for the Packers, they have a pretty solid look.


  • New shade of green, a darker shade of Kelly green
  • Gold facemask
  • Like the Bears, thinner pant stripes for that old school look.
  • White and green pants added, white socks added.
  • Stripes added to the socks.
  • Mono green alt












Carolina Panthers

Got tired of my slash-marks-in-the-stripes look I did last time (which seems to be a pretty popular one anyway), so I made a few changes:


  • Black helmet, the blackout look becomes the primary.
  • Silver remains in the color scheme. I removed it last time, but It’s staying this time around.
  • Across the chest design featuring a colorblocked pattern. This design is also on the pants.
  • Carolina blue alt










New England Patriots

Had a hell of a time trying to create a design that wouldn’t get confused with the Bills and the other blue/red teams in the league. Settled on a combo of their current look and their 90s looks.


  • Helmet remains unchanged.
  • Sleeves have a sublimated stripe design to pay homage to the striped jerseys of the 90s.
  • Pants have a two-tone stripe to mimic the logo.
  • Silver alt












San Antonio Raiders

Sure, why not? The Chargers and Rams moved, let’s move the Raiders too.


  • Tweaked logo with an Alamo-inspired design.
  • Helmet has a finish similar to USC’s.
  • Uniforms remain unchanged for the most part. The white jersey has silver numbers again, and all jerseys now have a San Antonio wordmark. The Raiders have never had a wordmark before, this is mainly to say “We’re not in Oakland anymore”.
  • ”Black Hole” alt uniform with a new all black jersey, and black pants. The jersey probably wouldn't be allowed but it's a Color Rush uniform so who knows anymore.










Los Angeles Rams

The Rams leave their drab navy uniforms back in the artificial light of the Edward Jones Dome and switch to something bright and vibrant.


  • Royal blue and gold become the new colors
  • Gold jersey becomes the primary, giving the Rams a very unique home look.
  • White, gold, and royal blue pants added.
  • Pants feature a curved stripe inside a solid colored stripe. I was inspired by another concept I saw on these boards that had a similar stripe, will have to do some digging so I can give him credit.
  • Royal blue alt











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Baltimore Ravens

Just say no to gold pants.


  • New color scheme: Purple, black, silver, red. The main problem I’ve seen with concepts that use this color scheme is that the red and purple always bleed into each other. So for my concept, red is always surrounded by black.
  • Brighter shade of purple that won’t bleed in with black.
  • Helmet is black that shines purple when the light hits it, like Jacksonville’s old helmet.
  • Sublimated Maryland flag design on the sleeves. This gives the Ravens the first, and only, asymmetrical uniform in the league.
  • Silver pants and purple socks added
  • Blackout alt












New Orleans Saints


  • Chrome gold helmet
  • Stripes extend slightly across the chest to match the pant stripe
  • New font to better fit with the wordmark
  • White pants, gold socks added
  • All three pants have stripes
  • Gold alt returns












Seattle Seahawks

Their current look has grown on me, it just needs better color balance.


  • Satin helmet finish, dropped the feather pattern stripe.
  • Dropped the gray jersey and white pants.
  • White numbers for the home jersey, sublimated design stays.
  • Sleeve design remains inside the sleeve, wordmark returns to the center of the jersey. Design stays the same for all three jerseys.
  • Pant stripe is green over a navy background for both pairs of pants.
  • Green alt returns












Pittsburgh Steelers


  • Don't want your logo on both sides of the helmet? Gold chrome number. This is what happens.
  • Thicker helmet stripe to match the pants.
  • Gold Northwestern stripes over a black background on all jerseys.
  • Black pants added
  • Gold alt












Houston Texans

In a division full of blue jerseys, the Texans make red the primary.


  • White helmet with a white facemask.
  • Across the chest sleeve design to mimic the logo.
  • Pants are essentially the same
  • Navy alt












Tennessee Titans

I can’t see the Titans ever doing something like this, but I can dream, can’t I?


  • New color scheme: Titans blue, red, silver, navy. An issue I’ve seen with concepts that use both blues and red (mine included) is that they give navy and red equal weights, leading to a purplish bleed. For this design, navy never holds the same weight as red.
  • New look based on their AFL uniforms from the 60’s.
  • Titans blue helmet with a gray facemask.
  • Sword logo becomes the primary, flaming T circle logo actually set on fire and banished to 1999.
  • Sleeves feature a sublimated Greek pattern to tie in with the Titans identity.
  • Silver, white, and Titans blue pants. Red socks added.
  • Red alt












Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings pretty much got it right, so I’m just gonna make a few changes:


  • Darker shade of purple to better contrast with the brighter shade of gold they use.
  • Satin finish stays for the helmet, as does the black facemask.
  • Pant stripe changes to better match the sleeve design.
  • White socks and gold pants added, stripes added to the socks.
  • Gold alt












Washington Warriors

New identity, new look.


  • The feather logo remains the primary, with a ‘W’ instead of the Indian head.
  • Black is added as an accent
  • Spear returns to the helmet, helmet color changed to gold.
  • Sleeves and pants feature an arrow-shaped pattern to tie in with the Warrior motif.
  • Burgandy and white pants return, black socks are added.
  • Black alt












There you have it. Any comments or critiques are always appreciated, although it may be some time before I make any changes. In case any links break over time, you can check out the entire league here


Also, thanks to Mattwillcox for making this template, Bucksfan5 for converting it to PSD, and Conrad for the fonts. Thanks again for checking these out!

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Great job! My favorite sets are Minnesota and Washington. I've always wanted to see gold pants for the Vikings. As for Washington it's my favorite Redskins redesign. It's unique and I haven't see a concept like that on these boards before. 8.5/10 on everything.

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It's easy to see your a big fan of silver, but that's not an issue here.  Great job, I'm a big fan of a lot of the subtle changes you've made to some of these teams, especially the Rams and Texans.  Your full out redesigns are excellent as well, I think you've killed it there.  As a Titans fan, I'm happy with using more red, that's always been my number one pet peeve.  My only suggestion in this whole series is with the Titans unis though, I just feel like there's something missing.  I know there's the subtle pattern on the shoulders, but it just feels like it's missing something to me, it's a little blank.  I also feel like the silver pants don't really fit the color scheme, especially with the red jerseys.  If you are going to have a third color of pants, I'd recommend red over silver.  Besides that, I think you've pretty much nailed the whole league.  Great job!

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Wow. Won't lie, it's a little overwhelming going through all these at the same time, but hey, they all look great. I love the majority of your redesigns and tweaks. I think the Cowboys are my favorite of your project.

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There a few looks that I don't like, as I feel you're trying to hard to modernize some teams. However, some of these look fantastic! I personally love Kansas City, Tennessee, Baltimore, Cincinnati & Seattle.


The one look I really hate is the Warriors. The black isn't needed, the striping doesn't work & it really feels like a "Politically Correct"  jersey that has all this modern stuff for no real reason. There are a few others that I'm indifferent about (Carolina, Houston, Dallas, New England & The Jets).


Also, why did all the teams that had a block font change? That font was fine, and this feels like a UFUS (Update for Update's Sake).

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Why is there a total of like 4 fonts? Really, the Bears and Packers do not need to change their numbers, nor do the Lions, Patriots, Steelers, Titans, Jets, Falcons and Eagles. They all have good number fonts, and they fit well with their jerseys as is, why completely change the formula and give many of the teams a more 'modern' block font? It doesn't make sense, doesn't look as professional, and it simply wouldn't sit well with fans.


the PC Redskins font doesn't go with the uniform, and it would look way better without the black.

The Ravens need the 'B' back is the logo, without it, it just looks empty. 

The Lions need to get rid of the black, and use a blue facemask.

Give the Raiders their uniforms back!

The Rams looks so good.

I would also like to see the Colts entire uniform number set. It looks similar to the Jaguars numbers before they nike-ified.

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Good looking league there. Okay, some critiques...especially on my Steelers. 

Don't mess with Nor'western stripes. It's almost like messing with The Terrible Towel....you just don't do it. Second, numbers on the other side of the helmet...NOPE. I would leave it empty BUT use it for anniversaries, celebrations, and commemorations...like this year is the bicentennial of Pittsburgh being a city. I would put the logo for that on the other side.

I am liking the different pants and bolder stripe on the helmet. I am actually liking the jersey numbers. I hate the current set, but even though its not the original font it is a shout out to the past while making it a font specifically for the Steelers...good job.

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Overall, I really like this set... there's some bold stuff, but its all presented very well and nothing feels especially "wrong." Your Titans concept is one of the only times I've seen that color set used well... the dark border on the numbers is extremely effective, traditionalists be damned.

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This is all very cool. Really love the striping on the Cowboys set. For a team that has too many blues and silvers this really works.


I like the original logos you created, and I'm curious if you had thought about doing the same for the Browns?

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Love the Titans, probably more than any others. Liked the Bengals' gradient helmet more than I would expect to. Liked the Cowboys' gradient except on the back of the helmet, where it was kind of difficult to see. You did a great job with both New York teams (aside from the Jets' blackout). I liked the Rams except for the lack of horns on the jersey. The Chargers looked good. The "Warriors" looked good as well aside from the black alt (should've been yellow IMO). Your Eagles concept may have been the first one I've ever seen that kept the midnight green and looked good. You definitely upgraded the Dolphins as well. A few too many black alts in general, but a whole lot of creative patterns and sublimation. There have been other redesigns I've liked more, but they were less germane to the state of uniform design today. Yours is modern but still manages to look good. Great job!

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Niners - I prefer white numbers trimmed in gold, and no black alts.  Good job on the sleeve stripes.

Patriots - Make the navy the alt, have a red primary, lose the silver/gray.  They tried this and they just looked like faded white jerseys on TV.

Chiefs - Love the stripe pattern and the yellow trim around the arrowhead.

Jags - Really love the choice to go matte helmet and teal primary.

Washington - Perfect rebrand.  Love the spear logo which still harkens back to the old club.

Steelers - This is the number font that should be.  I'd like the helmet logo on both sides though.  I don't love helmet numbers.

Rams - Perfect.

Eagles - Gray alt might be ok as part of the palette but I just think about how it looks in HD on television.  Like the Pats silver experiment and the Hawks "Wolf Gray" just look dingy.

Panthers - Make Carolina Blue the primary, black the alt.

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