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NFL Redesign - Update: Pro Bowl Unis Added


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Some random thoughts.

  • 49ers primaries look awesome.  I have always felt they needed some gold on the jerseys.  I’d have a slight preference toward gold as the outline to white (or red for the white jersey), but this is nice.  Not a fan of the alt, but at least the number is visible.  Right out of the gate, that’s your best concept.
  • I am really torn on the Bengals gradient helmet…it’s kinda cool, given the pattern on tigers, but it’s been pointed out here that they are trying to dress up as, rather than represent, tigers now…ultimately, I’d not mess with perfection on the helmet.  But the jerseys are a huge upgrade.
  • The Bucs look is pretty good…much less of a mess than their current look, though they need to go back to one of their past looks.
  • Cards is your second best concept; sharp and clean…I’d forget the gray pants.  And the gray alt jersey.
  • KC is probably the biggest downgrade.  That pattern is not working for me…they have pretty much attained perfection from the neck-down.  I do like the addition of yellow to the helmet logo.  If not the Chiefs, then the Cowboys are the biggest downgrade.
  • I love the Eagles colors but the balance seemss off.  Too much going on with the shoulders?  Not sure.
  • Rams look nice, though the white sleeves on the blue and yellow jerseys really stick out.  I’d just have that part match the jersey.
  • My team (Vikes).  You basically added yellow pants and yellow alt.  I’d say no to the pants, as the Packers wear yellow pants.  I would not be surprised if that’s why the Vikes have never done it.  I kinda like the jersey as a once-per-year alt.
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Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I added spoiler tags to every team to make it easier to navigate. Now to address some comments:


Titans: This is one of my favorites and it looks like a lot of other people agree. As far as the plain design of the jersey goes, I couldn't think of anything to add that wouldn't also take away from the design. I thought about contrasting sleeve caps, but I feel like I've used that enough. The sword logo on the sleeve would cover up the pattern, also I'm just not a fan of redundant logos on a uniform. If I were to drop silver/gray from any team (didn't realize how often I used it until it was pointed out, haha) it would be the Titans, looking back the silver pants just look muddled.


Rams: I personally like the idea of them wearing yellow at home because it would be a unique look that hasn't been seen in a long time. Part of the point of this redesign was to add more vibrant color schemes to the league (which is why the Bengals switch to an orange primary and the Chargers pack to powder blue), and I think with the move to LA it makes for a good opportunity for something like that. As for the white sleeve caps on the home and alt, it's to add some contrast but also to set my concept apart as I've seen many near identical concepts. They are pretty jarring, and I've come up with a solution that will be added in a future update.


Black alts: Yeah, there are too many of them. I originally wanted the Rams to be the only team in the league to have a yellow jersey, alt or otherwise, which limited some teams and would have added even more black to the league (The Vikings and Steelers probably would have had black alts - the Chiefs would be mono red). Whenever I make some updates, the Warriors alt will be yellow.


Warriors: As far as the name goes, I am pretty indifferent on whether or not they change (and I don't wanna start an argument about so I'll leave it at that). If they were still the Redskins in this redesign the unis would likely be the same. But with a name change comes a good opportunity to try something different, and I really wanted to shake things up. I had a warpaint theme going on at first but I wasn't really a fan of it, and it eventually turned into an arrow design. It pays homage to the uneven stripe design on their jerseys and white/burgandy pants of old while unifying the striping and giving us something new. This is another of my favorites but I'm not surprised on the divided feedback.


Logos: Most of my 'custom' logos aren't terribly complex and are pretty much tweaks of existing logos. But during my last redesign I was working on a new Browns logo but I never finished it. If I had more time/energy/skill, the plan was to totally rebrand the Ravens and Eagles. Which is why I removed the 'B' from the Ravens logo and the Eagles have a new block font, which brings me to..


Fonts: The 49ers, Cardinals, Chiefs, Cowboys, Giants, Lions, Packers, Raiders, and Warriors currently all use the same 'standard' block font, every other team has a custom font. This redesign is less about what I want to see in 2016 and more of a futuristic take, and custom fonts is a trend I see continuing. So rather than give every team a special font, I've decided that in the future a modernized block font will become the standard. Is it necessary? No, of course not. But when I make these I have more fun trying something different. I've seen enough Packers/Bears/Chiefs concepts that look more or less the same, and I'm not interested in doing that. For better or worse, a small detail like that sets them apart. Not saying they're better, just different. And I just like seeing something new every now and then. I didn't mean to remove almost all of the rounded fonts, a few fonts may change (Cardinals, possibly Lions and Warriors) but the modern block font will remain the standard. Probably should have put that in the rule changes!


Now even though I said this wasn't a 2016 redesign allow me to contradict myself and post some 2016 Pro Bowl uniforms:


I'm about a day late but I had an idea for some Pro Bowl uniforms for this year. As interesting as it is to see players from the same team against each other in the Pro Bowl, I'm not a fan of the lack of conferences. I get that Nike wants to show off their gaudy neon colors but did they forget they have gaudy shades of neon red and blue? These are 2016 unis because I thought of a ridiculous way to add more gold to them:

  • Conferences return, AFC wears red and NFC wears blue again
  • Color on color
  • The stars above the nameplate marking how many times a player has been to the Pro Bowl stays. That's one element I like.
  • The uniforms themselves are pretty simple, with gold chrome accents throughout.
  • The sleeves have a gold conference logo on one side, and a gold team logo on the other.
  • All helmets have a gold chrome facemask, with gold chrome decals. I got the idea when reading about the Pro Bowl uniform history. For a time in the 70's? I think, all players wore gold helmets at the Pro Bowl. Obviously we can't do that now, but we can still add gold to the helmets! Yes it's ugly and yes it won't fit with most teams, but it's the Pro Bowl and the uniforms already don't fit most teams' looks and who's actually watching it anyways so let's get weird:








(Actually it kind of works on the Panthers helmet..)


Updates to some teams will come eventually, and probably a gold-free Pro Bowl set, thanks again for checking these out!

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Good. But those Steeler uniforms should not have any changes, I really don't care for the Giants either, personally I would have added a red outline to the helmet logo and numbers, and changed the sleeve stripes to red-white-red, and call it day, (Harkening back to the 80s uniforms)

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16 hours ago, timberwolf said:

I'd honestly say make the helmets the same but have a different logo on the sides. Not a replica of the teams helmet. It looks weird when it's recoloured. Neck down is great, though!


For this redesign I'm adhering to the NFL's one-helmet rule. So to add gold to the helmets I did it the only way I could. No doubt it looks weird but that was kind of the point, haha. Although now that I'm thinking about it, a solid gold helmet might look kinda good..


15 hours ago, OnWis97 said:

It seems like you adjusted the blue to match the Panthers color but left the Broncos in the red AFC color.


Ah yeah maybe the Panthers weren't the best team to use. The shade of Nike blue I'm using for the NFC is a bit lighter than Carolina blue so it does look pretty close. So here's the unis paired with some other teams' helmets that don't feature red or blue:





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First off, I think you've done some dynamite work here!


I really like your designs on every team.


I have 2 blocks of C&C:


1. I'm a Chicago guy. I love your concepts (the blue sleeves are PERFECT) but they need the round font numbers.  It's something of a tradition, and Bears fans would bitch if they didn't have it.


2. I like how you just said "Screw it" with controversy and changed the redskins to the warriors. With that, I don't think "Raiders" would be the best name for San Antonio. Maybe "Defenders" or something like that, and instead of the pirate with the eye patch, how about a gristly Davy Crockett character with a coonskin cap?

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Some of these are dynamite, such as Houston, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville and The Pro Bowl sets. However maybe this is me being picky cause I'm a Ravens fan i hate it lol maybe its the fact you took the "B" out of the logo and there is to much like open space but i respect you trying to change it up 

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Really nice work man, digging it!


LOVE: Giants, Rams, Ravens (very nice), Titans (VERY nice). 


LIKE: Texans (white helmet is a must), Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals (would like to see even more white on the helmet), Falcons. All solid upgrades. 


DISLIKE: Eagles (shoulders are too busy), Chiefs ( Native American-inspired pattern too busy), Cowboys (striping doesn't work; like what you were going for, though), Bills (lose the red helmet), Jets (like the unis, not the helmet).


GREAT idea on the Pro Bowl uniforms!

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as a titans fan that really wants us to upgrade our identity, i want to kiss you right now.


that is the perfect combo. seeing the titans in predominantly columbia and red is a dream of mine, but i also think they need to keep navy in the scheme. you've done that beautifully. you also managed to bring back silver pants, which coincides with my absolute favorite era of oilers football. i didn't think it was possible, but you nailed just about all of my desires for the titans.


my only critiques are as follows:

changing the outline on the sword to columbia blue really weakens it. especially on the helmet. that needs to stay navy blue to give the sword any kind of weight. my solution, honestly, would be to just use the shield from the titans current primary logo, but without the flames. a nice circular shield logo with the T and stars looks nice. i think the t-sword is too tall to be a good helmet logo.

also, i'd consider changing the red jersey to navy, just because i think titans fans as a whole would prefer that.i'm perfectly fine with the red jersey even if it feels a bit ole-missy to me, but i think navy there would be a big seller.


either way, this one of the first titans concepts i've ever truly loved and considered to be an improvement.


you've got an eye for color balance, sir, and you knocked it out of the park.

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The shoulder design on the Titans is incredible. Great job! Also, as an Eagles fan, I usually prefer designs with the kelly green, but you really enhance the midnight green look with what you did and I would love to see them do something like that if they keep the midnight. 

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On 1/29/2016 at 1:54 AM, RedmondOrbit said:

Baltimore Ravens

Just say no to gold pants.


  • New color scheme: Purple, black, silver, red. The main problem I’ve seen with concepts that use this color scheme is that the red and purple always bleed into each other. So for my concept, red is always surrounded by black.
  • Brighter shade of purple that won’t bleed in with black.
  • Helmet is black that shines purple when the light hits it, like Jacksonville’s old helmet.
  • Sublimated Maryland flag design on the sleeves. This gives the Ravens the first, and only, asymmetrical uniform in the league.
  • Silver pants and purple socks added
  • Blackout alt


  Reveal hidden contents










New Orleans Saints


  • Chrome gold helmet
  • Stripes extend slightly across the chest to match the pant stripe
  • New font to better fit with the wordmark
  • White pants, gold socks added
  • All three pants have stripes
  • Gold alt returns


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Seattle Seahawks

Their current look has grown on me, it just needs better color balance.


  • Satin helmet finish, dropped the feather pattern stripe.
  • Dropped the gray jersey and white pants.
  • White numbers for the home jersey, sublimated design stays.
  • Sleeve design remains inside the sleeve, wordmark returns to the center of the jersey. Design stays the same for all three jerseys.
  • Pant stripe is green over a navy background for both pairs of pants.
  • Green alt returns


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Pittsburgh Steelers


  • Don't want your logo on both sides of the helmet? Gold chrome number. This is what happens.
  • Thicker helmet stripe to match the pants.
  • Gold Northwestern stripes over a black background on all jerseys.
  • Black pants added
  • Gold alt


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Houston Texans

In a division full of blue jerseys, the Texans make red the primary.


  • White helmet with a white facemask.
  • Across the chest sleeve design to mimic the logo.
  • Pants are essentially the same
  • Navy alt


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Tennessee Titans

I can’t see the Titans ever doing something like this, but I can dream, can’t I?


  • New color scheme: Titans blue, red, silver, navy. An issue I’ve seen with concepts that use both blues and red (mine included) is that they give navy and red equal weights, leading to a purplish bleed. For this design, navy never holds the same weight as red.
  • New look based on their AFL uniforms from the 60’s.
  • Titans blue helmet with a gray facemask.
  • Sword logo becomes the primary, flaming T circle logo actually set on fire and banished to 1999.
  • Sleeves feature a sublimated Greek pattern to tie in with the Titans identity.
  • Silver, white, and Titans blue pants. Red socks added.
  • Red alt


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Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings pretty much got it right, so I’m just gonna make a few changes:


  • Darker shade of purple to better contrast with the brighter shade of gold they use.
  • Satin finish stays for the helmet, as does the black facemask.
  • Pant stripe changes to better match the sleeve design.
  • White socks and gold pants added, stripes added to the socks.
  • Gold alt


  Hide contents










Washington Warriors

New identity, new look.


  • The feather logo remains the primary, with a ‘W’ instead of the Indian head.
  • Black is added as an accent
  • Spear returns to the helmet, helmet color changed to gold.
  • Sleeves and pants feature an arrow-shaped pattern to tie in with the Warrior motif.
  • Burgandy and white pants return, black socks are added.
  • Black alt


  Hide contents










There you have it. Any comments or critiques are always appreciated, although it may be some time before I make any changes. In case any links break over time, you can check out the entire league here


Also, thanks to Mattwillcox for making this template, Bucksfan5 for converting it to PSD, and Conrad for the fonts. Thanks again for checking these out!

I will say also, on the minus side, that the Seahawks should never stop the silver numbers on their blue jerseys. That's a nice combo. (As far as the feathered helmet stripe goes, I like it, but I can see why one would want to drop it as well.)

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On 2/3/2016 at 1:25 AM, RedmondOrbit said:


For this redesign I'm adhering to the NFL's one-helmet rule. So to add gold to the helmets I did it the only way I could. No doubt it looks weird but that was kind of the point, haha. Although now that I'm thinking about it, a solid gold helmet might look kinda good..



Ah yeah maybe the Panthers weren't the best team to use. The shade of Nike blue I'm using for the NFC is a bit lighter than Carolina blue so it does look pretty close. So here's the unis paired with some other teams' helmets that don't feature red or blue:





Now I'm wishing you had made Tampa Bay's helmets look like these. Lol

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On 1/29/2016 at 7:50 PM, MCM0313 said:

Love the Titans, probably more than any others. Liked the Bengals' gradient helmet more than I would expect to. Liked the Cowboys' gradient except on the back of the helmet, where it was kind of difficult to see. You did a great job with both New York teams (aside from the Jets' blackout). I liked the Rams except for the lack of horns on the jersey. The Chargers looked good. The "Warriors" looked good as well aside from the black alt (should've been yellow IMO). Your Eagles concept may have been the first one I've ever seen that kept the midnight green and looked good. You definitely upgraded the Dolphins as well. A few too many black alts in general, but a whole lot of creative patterns and sublimation. There have been other redesigns I've liked more, but they were less germane to the state of uniform design today. Yours is modern but still manages to look good. Great job!


Yeah, I like the Titans as well. I do not like how he added too much red coming into the uniform. Should be 25%. I LOVE HOW HE LIMITED ORANGE AND BLACK ON THE BUCS, FINALLY! I would of limited silver and brought back black since black and pewter (brown grey) goes well together.

Now on to @RedmondOrbit;

I do like the Rams. I would of tried to use sort of a horns as well, I agree with you. I always love the Rams old royal blue and athletic gold color scheme. But I like what you did there! Awesome.

Those Titans Columbia blue helmets look good. Ok, I can see why the red is being more prominent than navy blue, but I think it looks too close to their old identity. But I see something here. I like how you use the t-sword as the logo. A lot of people like that better than the flaming stupid little thumbtack crap. I am glad you didn't use a red alt. *whew*


NEW YORK JETS! That's all I am going to say! Looks good! Green helmets the way to go.

Love you Falcons design also.

The Chargers look good too. Less emphasis on the back panel of the lightning logo is good (just like the 1988-2006 navy blue unis that didn't imply a color border around the lightning like the old powder blue ones, but I see you had to add it on the powder blue and kept it blank on the white ones ^_^ ).

The Eagles look good in PINE GREEN (midnight green is just a darker pine green since pine green has some cyan teal with more green into it). I think the shoulder piping can stay, but the sleeve color can go.


So my favorites from you are the Jets, Rams, Titans, Falcons, Browns, Bengals, Jets, Texans, Bills, Chargers, Steelers (black pants with athletic gold piping ^_^), and Eagles. The Texans I like their jerseys and pants. But, what's the deal with the white Houston Texan's helmets. If that is so, try to mend with another logo of Texas. Maybe find some that can connect to the white helmet because that bull head design looks dated if it is on the white helmet. Mind you, I know about the 2002 beta helmets that were white, but still yet. I forgot to mention the Detroit Lions look excellent too. So does the Packers!



I do not like the black added to the Redskins at all. Plus the athletic gold helmet fits more the Steelers and Packers theme than the Redskins. 


Also, I think the Seahawks look good as you made them, the bright green alt is not my favorite, but it works.


I am not a fan of the Vikings athletic gold pants or the purple pants (I HATED THAT LOOK the purple lids on white jerseys with purple pants)! I was glad by 1969 that they did away with that formation just for purple lids, white jerseys on white pants. ^_^

The Cowboys have too much colors going on. I can see where you are coming from, but if you are going for something unique, navy blue, royal blue, silver green, and white could do the trick. Use all four and ditch black and silver in the Cowboys color scheme.

The 49ers can do without the gold numbers. Use the red numbers with gold trim (reverse it) then it would be good.

I am not harsh when I say this, but that is a :censored:ty block numbers on the Bears unis. I would try to make a different one. Bears are hard to make because their uniforms are TOO CLASSIC :(.

If the Panther is going to be on the black helmet, try to utilize a white trim around it!

The Jags are better with mustard gold helmets and teal jerseys. That way the colors will balance out. If black helmets and teal jerseys should be minimal mustard gold. If mustard gold helmets and teal jerseys, then black should be minimal. See where I am going here?

Good emphasis on the red with the Ravens, but that uniform gives me nightmares!

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