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Elmira Jackals logo concept


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Well, I'm back to logo working after a long dry spell.

I decided I wanted to take a crack at the Elmira Jackals logo, mainly because I feel the current one, although good in design, looks more like a wolf and less like a jackal.


This was my first attempt, but I didn't like a few things, so I changed it a bit, reworking edges etc.

First attempt:


I also felt it was lacking aggressiveness, so I tried to work that into the second try.

Second Attempt:


I also made a alternate logo, but I'm not a huge fan of it.



Here is the logo,alt, wordmark together.


And I also did a jersey just for fun, even though it sucks, so I could see the logo on a jersey.


Feel free to fire pointers and criticism.

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I'll try to get nitpicky since you're clearly a talented designer and this is fantastic overall... I think the red around the mouth should meet somewhere in the middle of logo #1 and #2. I like that there's more direction/definition in #2, but I also like the simplicity in #1. The best of both worlds might be reducing the total number of spikes out from 10 to maybe 4-6... I would also smoothen out and maybe even reduce the dip in the dark blue section that wraps around the eye, it looses a bit of its sharpness/pop as it drifts downward.


Again, a fantastic job overall, and I really like the way the red pops with this color scheme.

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At first glance it looks good, but then after a second it becomes clear that the line work is very rigid, and the red on the snout seems to be randomly splashed around with no rhyme or reason. If you smoothen up the lines and cleaned up the red, this would make a very nice logo. 

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