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2017 NHL All-Star Game Concept


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Here's something I put together today while watching the NHL All-Star game. I really like the idea of connecting something from the hometown team into the jerseys. So I used elements of each of the Kings uniforms into these, while using Purple, Gold, Black and Silver. And one thing the league missed on this year was not having 4 different uniforms for each division.


So, C&C?




Too cluttered? Too many stars? Not enough stars?

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Not too many stars but perhaps too many colours.  You've combined all the Kings era's but it's a little too much on the eyes.  Also not a fan of the text on the hemline.  that being said the striping is nicely executed and the logo is simple and effective.  Maybe use a lighter grey and eliminate white if you must combine all the eras.

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1 hour ago, hockey week said:

Right church, wrong pew. The Kings wore purple/gold and silver/black, make the sets with those color schemes, not black/gold and silver/purple. It'd be a great way to represent the team history without being super blatant with it all.

Yeah, but Black/Silver is boring as hell. I decided to go with one colour and 1 shade completely devoid of colour for each conference.

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