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Guest darkpiranha

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Guest darkpiranha

Every once in a while I see someone post a link to where you can order their custom logo on a shirt or jersey, vinyl logo, or something.  If you miss it on that initial posting, it generally gets lost in the aether.  If you've created some merch for your custom logo, post it here.  Preferably, it would be neat if you could post a pic of your logo, a link to the thread where it was originally discussed, and the link to where your merch is.  


I know there are tons of logos on here that I'd love to just be able to fire off a quick order for a shirt.  


Also, this would be a good place to consolidate all the various sites that allow for one-off or very small run printings of stuff, and the pros and cons of each.   I know some let you just print it directly off of mini-stores, and some require minimum orders before printing, and some put you in a run-off against another design.  


If you're not making merch, why not?  


(mods, if this sort of thing is frowned upon, please delete this thread)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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