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Morgo's Hand Drawn NHL 2016 *Dallas Stars & Columbus Blue Jackets*


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On 2/7/2016 at 6:45 PM, Morgo said:

Up next I present two teams from back to back Stanley Cup Finals


Pittsburgh Penguins

For this concept I wanted to split the difference between the cup winning look and modern set that followed.  The skating penguin remains the primary but aspects from the robo-pen template have been incorporated like the angular shoulder yokes and more unified hem stripes.  The alternate borrows ideas from their 1996 alternate but ditches the gradients for something cleaner.  Yellow was chosen to make it stand out from the main set, and give a subtle nod to their yellow uniforms from the 80's.



Detroit Red Wings

Very difficult team to do, since they're current look is pretty much perfect.  That being said, I tried to make the logo sharper and more contemporary while borrowing striping elements from their Winter Classic look.  As always, C & C very much appreciated, thanks for looking! :)



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Thanks for all the kind words!  Next up we have uniforms from another finals matchup that happened two years in a row...


St Louis Blues

The Blues current set is spectacular so only minimal improvements were made.  I got rid of the gaps in the striping on the main set and combined elements of the crazy 90's look with the current alternate.  Royal blue also appears exclusively on the crest to make it stand out.


Montreal Canadiens

Not terribly original but it's the Montreal Canadiens and there's no need to fix what isn't broken.  This set was inspired by their recent Winter Classic uniforms as I was a big fan of the lighter shade of blue.


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What would that Blues third look like with just the blue note? The jersey itself is excellent but the roundel is a cluttered mark that's holding it back.


And trust me, I hate saying that after you've painstakingly drawn it in the amount of detail that you have :lol:

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Might as well keep the Finals theme going...


Colorado Avalanche

For this concept I wanted to incorporate elements of new third with their cup winning uniforms.  Navy is now the primary colour at home and the mountain range striping has been combined the ingenious 'snow capped' shoulders.  I made the burgundy elements of the two uniforms constant so the road can pay proper homage to the 2001, cup winning team as it was easily the most memorable of their two title victories.



New Jersey Devils

While I think their current look is fantastic, I still resent the fact that they dropped green in favour of black.  I also brought back the pant design from the inaugural look to add a bit old school flair.  As always C & C is appreciated, thanks for looking :)


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5 minutes ago, wildwing64 said:

I thought you hated the Avs third? Still, that's a good look for them. The switch to navy works well as it's also eliminating the shoehorned black from their colour scheme.


I hate the plain striping and the Rockies inspired logo, but I like the snow capped shoulders and how navy is the primary colour.

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21 minutes ago, ahowe6464 said:

I like the Green on the Devils' jerseys. I also think the shoulders of the Avs jerseys.


Also, how big is the paper/canvas that you use to draw these? The detail is so precise and your work is amazing. 


I draw them on computer paper, so 8.5 x 11

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Blackhawks- Beautiful alternate beautiful logo

Bruins- Normal Bruins safe design, nice look

Flames- Too much white on the home, try switching it with yellow

Lightning- Absolutely Beautiful, needs to happen now

Oilers- Nice look but i think original colors is were its at, glad to see a logo change though

Hurricanes- Cool

Penguins- Perfect

Redwings- Classic with a twist, Cool!

Blues & Canadiens- Love the blue on both!

Colorado- Looks good, more modern, thats what they need right now

Devils- Like the throwback

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