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Vancouver Canucks logo concepts


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If the Canucks are to have a timeless identity, they need to go with a logo that truly represents the team name and a colour scheme that blends its fan base.  The latter has been corrected but the logo issue continues to be a controversial topic with the continued use of the Orca and the added "VANCOUVER" above it.  To me, Johnny Canuck is a no-brainer.  It's whom the team was initially named after. The Canucks have both the skating Johnny Canuck and the Johnny Canuck V-head shoulder patch logos in their collection. The Johnny V-head has been criticized for its similarity to the Vachon Cakes logo.


That's why I came up doing this concept.  I prefer the skating Johnny as the primary than just having his head.  The 'V' gives Johnny more of a crest-like appearance and it also gives the Canucks an identity that they can completely own.  I also gave the 'V' sharp corners and a pointy bottom, while maintaining the consistent use of the colours like you see in the updated Stick In Rink.  The SIR would be kept as a shoulder patch.



My second concept has a take on the Millionaires but with a Canucks flavour.  This is more of a "safe" look while giving the team the only 'V' logo in major North American sports. When the Canucks first joined the old Pacific Coast Hockey League in 1945, they used a V logo that would similar to the Millionaires', minus any word-mark.  Here, I used the Canucks' Agency font that spells the team name and inscribed it into the 'V'.  This should be the only time the Agency font is used in the Canucks' identity while a return to jersey block font is badly needed. JC would be on the right shoulder and the SIR would be on the left shoulder.  



Any feedback is much appreciated.



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As a long-suffering Canucks' fan from Day 1, both of their uniform and on-ice lack of success, I applaud the use of Johnny Canuck. I too agree, this is the only true identity the Canucks have ever needed. If the Johnny Canuck logo were ever to grace the front of the Canucks' uniform I would be in hockey heaven. I realised many, many years ago that the Canucks would probably never win the Stanley Cup in my lifetime. Maybe, this would be the boost the team needs to finally lift the Cup.

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The V behind Johnny Canuck certainly helps to bolster the mark, the only downside I can think of being that the skating, hockey stick wielding character on a triangular background is conceptually very similar to the Penguins.


The second version with the name works based on the historical aspect alone, and I think this is a big improvement over the Millionaires logo. Even the V without any text would make for a simple, effective solution to their identity crisis.

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