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College to Pro: Killer D vol. 1: Super Bowl 50 edition


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As the old saying goes, it's better late than never.  I'd thought about a Thanksgiving set...didn't happen.  Bowls...yeah, obviously that didn't happen either.  CFP?  Get your nonexistent Dr. Peppers outta HEAH!  In any event, it was either release something, anything now, or be awkward next week :wacko:  So without further ado...



For the next two releases, C2P is an offense-free zone, as after this, I intend to release a Legends version.  That's for the near future though, the present is now, and as is suggested, the four players in the marquee will be taking part in a little shindig in San Francisco Santa Clara on Sunday.  Kicking things off today, the leader of Carolina's defense, the Beast of Boston (if nobody calls him that, somebody should), Luke Kuechly



On the BC side, the Matt Ryan-era eagle head makes an appearance on the helmets and pants (to break the monotony, I put the BC on the sleeves instead).  On the Panthers side, a silver helmet would've either looked too Raider-like had I used a black jersey, and would have looked too much like the Lions with the blue jersey, so I went with black instead.


DeMarcus Ware



Considered something else for the sleeve logo, though the only other logo that'd fit the bill is that awkward looking full horse.  Troy's helmet was initially gonna be crimson, but I figured black would be a better choice, especially as I decided to make the Broncos helmet orange.


Von Miller and Josh Norman coming tomorrow...

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Von Miller...I figure one thing, if the Broncos changed to something simpler, the below (with a much smaller wordmark, and maybe a stripe on the helmet) would probably be well received.



Josh Norman...I figure I could've gone either teal or black for Coastal, while the panther face strikes again on the Carolina side.



Enjoy the Superb Owl...the lineup for the upcoming Legends edition will be Reggie White, Bruce Smith, Derrick Thomas and LT.  It's great to be alive, because when you're dead, you can't drink coke.

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