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Rise in Popularity of Sports Jerseys: Sports Illustrated


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SI today put out an interesting read on the Rise in the Popularity of Sports Jerseys:



The article focuses mainly on NFL and MLB in the United States, but I remember stories my dad told me about he and his brothers receiving/wearing Habs and Leafs jerseys as boys back in the late 50's/early 60's here in Canada.

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4 hours ago, Ben in LA said:

Unfortunately - at least in the case of the replica NFL and NBA jerseys - the purchase price is going up, while the quality is,going down.  I still sport my fully sewn Swimgman jerseys.

No kidding. The old CCM jerseys are way better than the awful Reebok NHL jerseys made today. The material is awful, and does nothing to justify the $100+ cost. I'm scared to wash those jerseys, terrified at the thought of the jersey being torn apart in the wash.

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Saw that.  I'm at the age mid 30's where the only places I'd wear a jersey (I only own 2, replicas) are at a live game or a house party themed to watch a game.  

20's I used to wear them at sports bars & stuff, yet that's really not in the cards any more.  

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