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infrared41's Best and Worst of 2015


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As promised to those of you who suggested that we do this, it's time for the Best and Worst lists for the 2015 NFL season. Before we get started, I just want to take a minute to thank all of you for participating in the threads this season. Some of you "regulars" have been following this thing since I started it eight years ago. It's most appreciated.



Now let's put 90 seconds on the clock and play our game. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your mileage may vary. (I'm guessing I'm going to catch some flack for the lack of variety in my picks for the best list.)


Best of 2015:


1. Chiefs - Raiders and Raiders - Chiefs: I honestly couldn't decide which version of this game I liked better so I totally copped out and went with both of them. These two games were the best looking match ups of the 2015 season.




2. Giants - Dolphins: This game got the #2 spot on the strength of Miami's throwbacks. They looked incredible. The Giants looked pretty good too. If the Dolphins had played either the Chiefs or the Raiders, this game would have taken the top spot in a blowout. I won't surprise anyone by saying the Dolphins should ditch the travel agency look and go back to the throwbacks as soon as possible.





3. Packers - Raiders: Honestly, the Raiders could have been one of the teams in every spot on this list. I think I said it back when this game took the weekly top spot and I'll say it again - this match up looked fantastic in Super Bowl II and it still looks fantastic today. 




4. Packers - Vikings: The best example of classic vs. updated classic/modern/whatever we're calling it of the season. The Vikings (and Bills) should be on page one of the "How to update your uniforms" handbook. 




5. Raiders - Bears: You'd think my favorite road uniform matched up with my favorite home uniform would be a lock for the #1 spot for the season, but it's not. As good as this one looked, I think the games ahead of it looked even better. Then again, I'd have a tough time arguing against any of the games on this list taking the top spot.\






Worst of 2015:


1. Jets - Bills: Simply the ugliest football game I've ever seen.




2. Titans - Jaguars: It it weren't for the Jets - Bills color rush game, this game would be the ugliest game I've ever seen.




3. Bengals - Steelers: One of the worst PYPs in the league matched up with the worst alternate uniform in the league and it still only managed to take the #3 spot on this list. 




4. Jaguars - Buccaneers: There are a lot of things I like about the Jags look but none of them work when matched up with the disaster that is the Bucs uniforms. 




And there you have it. As always, thanks for dropping by. We'll do it all again next season. 




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Great list.  And hard to argue with any of them, although it might have been more interesting/challenging if you limited a given team's appearance to once. I understand why you didn't... a great match-up is the basic criteria, so if the Raiders show up 5 times, there you go.  But still...



Also, it seems almost unfair to include Color Rash games in the worst-of category.  It's like they were just asking to be included... you could've just listed all, and I wouldn't argue..  

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Good list. I only disagree with one omission... the Chargers powder blues should have been on here somewhere.


Shocking to see that Jets-Bills picture after so many good uniform pictures. I had forgotten quite how bad that was.

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47 minutes ago, Cosmic said:

Good list. I only disagree with one omission... the Chargers powder blues should have been on here somewhere.



The powder blue is nice ,but it's not enough to negate the awfulness of the Chargers' current uniform design.

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6 hours ago, DiePerske said:

Good list.


I am curious though, ignoring color rush, what two games would have replaced them?


These games were in the running for the worst list. I probably would have gone with Ravens - Bengals and Cardinals - 49ers. 





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Your bests are all good and worsts are all bad.  But I don't feel like Jets/Bills was the worst.  I'd argue all of the other "worst" pictures are worse than that.  Probably because the Jets and Bills have serviceable jerseys, at least, unlike the Jags (not to mention the lids) and those awful Steeler Bumble Bees. The Ketchup/mustard game was pretty bad too (though I appreciate if you left it off the list because those Ram  jerseys, in a vacuum, are really sharp).


But with Color rush, and a few other things, the NFL makes it really easy to find a "worst" list.

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