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Best and Worst Card Designs


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What are some of your favorite sports cards designs? Here are some of mine:




1. 1994-95 Fleer


The base cards had the player's name in one team color against a splash of the team's other color. Very shiny. Players from the Hornets and Suns looked especially cool; here's one of Charlotte's Darrin Hancock:




The inserts were also very well-designed. I'll post more images later.


2. 1991-92 Skybox


Definitely the most abstract card designs I can think of. Want MJ? Here he is:




How about Moses Malone?




I'm in a hurry, but I'll get to more later.

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3 hours ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:

For me the best design was that of the 1974 Topps baseball set.  It was notable for flags on the top and bottom showing the team's locality and nickname, respectively.






When I produced a card showing me in my softball team's uniform, that's the design I used.




I like that design. Love the softball card, too. Killer 'stache.

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