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Minimalist Football Sigs and Profile Pics


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So I've been playing around with the minimalist football idea for a bit now and I've decided to make it for everyone! Yes, I know this has already been a topic but that one was stopped, so I can say thanks to @baylorfan for the idea. So, to start, here are a few examples:




Profile Pic:



How to Request:


Sig or Profile Pic

The helmet you want like the team's primary or an alternate (If it's a team that isn't commonly known, ex. high school, foreign team, please provide an image or good description)

Background and Font Color (Sig Only)

What you want it to say (Sig Only)


BTW, you don't have to choose NFL or NCAA teams, you can do high school or foreign teams, just provide an image or good description for the helmet you want

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3 hours ago, McCraeWilliamsProductions said:

Why are these so pixelated?

What exactly do you mean? Nevermind I think I fixed it, I used photobucket instead of uploading it straight from my files


And the first few are almost done! Thanks to all that have shown interest!

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On 2/8/2016 at 7:15 PM, Dalcowboyfan92 said:

Team - Dallas Cowboys

Sig or Profile Pic - Profile Pic

Helmet Wanted - Either main helmet or blue-starred (white shelled helmet). Either or is fine.


Thanks in advance.

I did both just so you could pick which one



On 2/8/2016 at 7:58 PM, everythingpossible said:

FSU Seminoles

Profile pic

Helmet wanted: this season's Blackout alternate helmet if you would, garnet or grey background. 


Thanks for offering!


22 hours ago, llfhockey said:

can you do mine but fix it up a bit


22 hours ago, MCH925 said:

Is it okay if I request two?


Seattle Seahawks

Profile pic



Washington Huskies


Current gold-shelled helmet

Gold Background & purple text

"Washington Huskies"



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1 hour ago, Jake3.roo said:

1. I don't know what's up with the pixelation, but something is up.

2. The seahawks logo doesn't go like that. Rotate your head clockwise about 30-40 degrees and you'll see what i'm talking about.

Alright I fixed that, but I honestly don't see the pixelation in the pictures:unsure:

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20 minutes ago, RyanB03 said:

Alright I fixed that, but I honestly don't see the pixelation in the pictures:unsure:

All of your lines are extremely jagged and they frankly do not look very good at all. That is the pixelation that everyone is talking about.

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(apologies if I had to post whole uniform it was only way to get the helmet in

Background/Font Color:

Birmingham Bolts: Purple/White

Chicago Enforcers: Purple/White

New York Hitmen: Black/Blue

Orlando Rage: Red/White

Los Angeles Xtreme: Silver/Blue

Las Vegas Outlaws: Gold/Black

Memphis Maniax: Green/White

San Francisco Demons: Red/Black


What you want it to say:

Just the team name. And as far as font goes I'll leave that to whichever you feel each team fits

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Pittsburgh Steelers

Profile Pic

Standard Helmet


Sig if you have the time


Black background and yellow text 

I want it to say: Steelers Nation

Thanks again for doing this for all of us! :D

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