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10 hours ago, KentuckyX said:

Lots of good stuff going up today. Really digging the blue color scheme. This would make a very nice hockey sweater.

Thanks, I agree.


10 hours ago, TRoyConcepts said:

Its nice other than the eye. It looks droopy and not very fierce compared to the rest of the logo. It could use a pupil as well.

I tried it with a few different pupils and it turned out either psycho or cartoon. I may try shrinking the size of the white space.

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Fantastic work! If that yellow one is a Preds concept, it's miles ahead of what they already have. Though you could hide some symbolism into the mark to make it even better.


The eye is fine as is, but to me the bottom teeth look a bit oddly rendered.

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3 hours ago, JT17 said:

i would love to see this as an San Jose Sabercats logo update but sadly Sabercats are no more :( great work though i dig it. i could see this on the ice for sure.


The Chargers should move to LA and re-brand as the Sabercats or Tarcats in reference to the La Brea Tar Pits. 

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