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1 hour ago, Dolphins Dynasty said:

There are WAY too many uniforms in the NBA. This needs to stop, now.


Amen! It is totally ridiculous that they got to a point where we have a hard time figuring out who's playing...

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2 hours ago, CubsFanBudMan said:

At least the NBA has 82 games to work with. The NFL has four uniforms for 16 games and college football seems to have 12 for 12 in some cases.


But the NFL limits the use of alts to a minimum. NBA are wearing their goddamn alts all the time and even in the playoffs. I remember the Celtics wearing their black trimmed alts every single time I catched them on TV this season and stupid alts have been worn more than ever during these playoffs... There must be a limit to tone this down a bit, they're diluting their brands way too much...

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