NCAA Jersey Concept

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Looking through Paint Users Paradise I found a football jersey template I made a few college football concepts. 


Simple design for the Tied. Can't change much. Added "Roll Tide" to back collar and sublined Alabama flag to the sleeves.


Next up is Bama's runner up!

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I will update Bama but for the moment...


Added three stripes from the helmet to the sleeves, and used Conrads font for Clemson.



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Let's talk about these concepts. A few simple college football jerseys. Let's talk about execution. First off, here are two of the jerseys you are basing these concepts on:


Notice the size of the numbers on the front of the jersey. The "44" takes up almost all the space on the front of the chest. The 15 does almost the same, the difference being that the "1" takes up less horizontal room. The "15" is also centered, no a clear 1 and 5 on each half of the jersey.


All that being said, here are some tips:

  1. Take your time on these concepts. If you rush your work, it shows.
  2. Make your numbers big enough on the jersey. A double digit number that starts with anything other than 1 should take up almost all the horizontal space on the jersey. If it starts with a 1, it should take up just a little less.
  3. Center your numbers.
  4. Don't stretch your numbers! As you type the font, it should appear on the jersey. If you have to stretch the numbers horizontally, then they aren't tall enough vertically either.
  5. Save your files as a .png, not a .jpg.
  6. That template is not very good. Think maybe think about a template that has more than just a jersey as well. Something like this, maybe.

Your lines look pretty good, actually. Make sure you are careful about that in the future.


Keep working at it!

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