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What's your favorite book about sports aesthetics? Post your favorite logo or uniform related book and a review on why. 



This book has a database of "more than 150 teams" and their uniforms, along with how they got them. My favorite part is that each uniform is portrayed by a little pixelated guy. 


Got any books to share?

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Never saw anything as extensive and thorough as this book at the time. I was always fascinated with logos and uniforms, and this was my bible.


Although by now we can see the book is far from 100% correct, and it would be nice to see uniform backs, and more closeups of patches and hats, this is still pretty much the standard for league uniform histories.

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image.jpeg.209f9bf75be16454b055af0af81e4Here is another compilation of soccer kits. Includes 150 uniforms of legendary clubs and their backstory, and a potpourri of a whopping 850 jerseys of teams from all over the globe. 

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