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New Orleans Hornets Concept


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Yeah, this is a "conservative" look for you... And since you did it for my favorite team in the entire world when it comes to basketball, that is one HELLUVA job :D

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thanks for the feedback....but i really dont see how its that conservative because i had the same mentality doing this concept as i did my others. i dont think i do anything that outrageous to say this would be conservative. Only concept i would truly call not conservative or outrageous would be my recent trailblazers concept and that was sort of my intention.

the wordmark looks like something I might understand better were I on hallucinogenics.

thats because the font i used is an italicized only font by default and i cant change it, and that it was arched in microsoft word with wordart, then edited into paint, then i did the outlines in paint. so of course its not gonna be THAT clean.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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