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Chicago Huskies concept is part of the fictional Great Lakes Hockey Association that also has my other concept for the league the Marathon Argos based in Marathon, Ontario. I plan on posting this to Hockeyjerseyconcepts. 


I altered the UConn Huskies logo to look more like my huskie Moxie's fur patterns and tones. She has more of a cream tone and not white that is why there is little to no white color in the concept. and the pawprint is based off of her own pawprint . 


There will be more designs of other teams coming possibly. 


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3 hours ago, TRoyConcepts said:

These are pretty darn good. The color scheme works perfectly and is quite unique. The only complaint I have is the yoke seems to come down quite low on the front, but I'm really just grasping at straws. 


Agreed. This would work as a rebrand to the Chicago Wolves, as well.

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