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Olympia Orcas


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Was it by accident that the waves you're using are almost a Greek kinda mottife? That's a really cool connection between your Olympia and the ancient Greek Olympia. Overall very nice set, the all white is probably the weakest element of the sets but isn't bad.

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3 hours ago, raysox said:

Love the yellow helmet, sleeves, and pants strip. The O helmet seems to be the weakest of the set, and you could probably ditch it, but I think overall it looks really nice.


37 minutes ago, JMtexan09 said:

my suggestion is to put in gold waves instead of white waves on the white pant, for the white jersey just change Orcas to navy blue, not gold. Maybe for the white helmet add the same stripe as the gold helmet have. i think that will works

 Does It look gold to you guys? Thats weird cause the color I used is a lightish orange haha

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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