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Alma Mater Redesign


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8 minutes ago, jmoe12 said:

This is a really nice update, I'd just add some eyes or a mouth, because right now the mustache kind of looks like eyes, the goatee a nose, and the chin a mouth. That might just be me though.

Oh my God, can't unsee.


Anyway, decent start here. I'd drop the two tone text on this. It seems unnecessary and I don't think it adds anything to the design. As it stands, the Cavaliers head shape is too round. You want him to look masculine and strong and currently his jawline implies he has kind of an egg head. I think the hat is too large as well, and I'd be interested to hear your reasoning behind hiding his eyes. Right now i'm not sure what it implies about the Cavalier. Can he not see? Is he trying to not see something? You have to think about what your logo says symbolically about your school. I think this could stand to see more shadows and depth in the face and hair just to make it a little less heavy shape wise, and I wouldn't round the hair off at the ends. Keep it sharp and crisp. Also, the feather(?) in his cap looks like a round saw blade to me. The WT WOODSON type doesn't feel like it fits to me as well. Nice start, keep pushing it.

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3 hours ago, heilmannde said:

Oh god I can't unsee it now either!


Thanks for the feedback! As far as the brim over the eyes idea, I was trying to go for this kind of idea. I do see though that it looks like he's hiding or just can't see. Updates will be coming soon.


I must be the odd man out here, but I actually like the brim being so low. Your reference picture/idea is exactly how I saw it. If you're going to add eyes, I think you could get away with just one, where the brim comes up higher.


And I've been looking, but I still can't see the "mustache eyes."


Some things I did notice, though:

  • The feather looks like a sawblade.
  • The hat itself (not the brim) looks too wide. The hat would be pressing down the hair somewhat. Right now, it looks like the hat confirms to the hair not his head--or his hair is really stiff and pushes the hat wider.
  • The spike (or would that be a serif or sorts?) on the letters in Cavaliers is asymmetrical and, therefore, distracting. To me, at least. You might try leaving the C as-is, removing the spike from AVALIER, then having the spike come off the right side of the S.


17 hours ago, JoeDGemma said:

The WT WOODSON type doesn't feel like it fits to me as well.


I would agree with this, too.

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