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Yankees left chest NY


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12 hours ago, Gothamite said:

It's not a font, it's a custom-designed letterform. 


I wouldn't be surprised if there is a full font now.  The Kiss logo was originally just three different custom-drawn letters; then someone created the Die Nasty font around it.  So maybe there's a full alphabet of letters somewhere in the style of the Yankees' monogram.

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That's certainly possible, although less likely in this case.  The KISS logo was created to write out a word, so it's relatively easy to extrapolate out additional letters.  Each of the letters is even, of the same height and width, making a font nice and balanced.




But the Yankees' letters will look pretty goofy if you try to display them individually (especially that wonky N).




The Mets' logo would seem to better lend itself to a font, as the two letters have more equal proportions.




I can see extrapolating out twenty-six characters based on that.  It would be very similar to Lynchburg, although with fewer flourishes:



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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