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Patriots uniform design


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TV numbers are the numbers found either on the shoulders of the sleeves.


Can't say I'm a fan of the uniform as-is. It looks too plain and the red numbers don't contrast enough from the jersey itself. If you want red numbers, add a white outline.

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I see where you're trying to go with this.  As mentioned, TV numbers (sleeve/shoulder numbers) are a small detail that will improve your overall visual quality.  


Since you've already started in a kind of 90's direction, why not go all out with it?  Give the numbers a full white outline and drop shadow, maybe throw the giant flying elvis on the shoulders, maybe even bring back the early 90's pants stripes (which looked kind of like the logo).  There are a lot of "throwback" elements you can choose from in New England's history, pull some of them together!


Also, it looks like you're using paint for this concept, so I'd suggest switching templates and doing a bit more with the brushes and shape tools you have to work with as opposed to the paint bucket.  I'd also suggest a template that would allow you to get more detailed with your work, such as this one --





If you need some references of past Pats uniforms, check out the Gridiron Uniform Database  -- http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/patriots.shtml -- They're an amazing resource for projects like these.



I hope this helps you take your concepts to the next level!


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2 hours ago, llfhockey said:

you used 1.5 effort out of 10 on this. a logo already used, bucket tool, and font tool. Put some time and thought into these and i guarantee you you will get more positive comments.

Yeah I did kinda but this was before i thought i should put more effort, so i kinda expected feedback, gonna update my titans concept as well with this template


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