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Wishful Thinking in Identity Changes - NBA Edition


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I was at a Pacers game and I noticed how old and obsolete the logos were getting. The playing surface remains to look boring and unoriginal. My wishful thinking (Already confirming it's not gonna happen soon) is that when Nike takes over, they help rebrand the Pacers and make them look like they are playing in 2016/17 and not 2006. I am really pleased with the work they've done with the Hickory special uniforms and logos and I was hoping they could pull something else out of the hat.

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Pacers mainly just need a new court.  Jerseys need small improvements, but the logo is a modern classic.


The Mavericks' brand really needs updating, but Cuban likes it too much to change.   Orlando needs subtle changes to its logo and wordmark to be really good.

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can't disagree more on the Pacers court, it's minimal design makes it one of the most pleasing to watch a game on, all the lines are clearly marked, and it's lack of painted borders makes the whole area feel larger. it's flaw is the use of large supporting logos around the center, which most courts suffer from. overall, the Pacers identity is one of my favorites - and thats not a homer pick


if i had 1 identity wish for the NBA . . . Thunder re-brand. 



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8 hours ago, SCL said:

I would love the TWolves to rebrand around the howling wolf logo along with royal blue and kelly green.


I came on here to say just this. The logo they have now is pretty solidly known for the Garnett era...with Towns and Wiggins coming along, now is the perfect chance to rebrand around that beautiful alt that most fans like more than the primary anyway.

I also think the Grizzlies identity is starting to get a little stale...I wish they found a way to somehow merge that identity with what they had in Vancouver.

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Raptors - Replace black with purple (plum) and add more gold. Don't drop the red.

Magic -  Their uniforms are kinda meh, so yeah. Never ditch the magic ball.

Cavaliers - Do something similar to the 2003-2010 uniforms, but use the current colors. And knowing how many times they change their look, it's bound to happen again, right? ;)

Mavericks - Keep the light royal and navy if you wish, but the uniforms are still very outdated. Go either modern or traditional (I'd prefer modern for a team like Dallas).

Rockets - Add gold.

Grizzlies - I love the triple-blue (and gold), but the uniforms have gotten a little stale. Give it a bit of modernization.

Suns - Don't abandon the purple; embrace it. They might have to rebrand again to make it all sync.

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I really dig the 76ers new set save for one thing; no outlines on the script or numbers. Unless you're doing a one color jersey like Philadelphia's Atlantic cohorts Brooklyn or Boston, I like to see outlines. Red on the home & road script & numbers, blue on the alts. Even a double outline would be nice. 


Also, I'd really like to see the Trail Blazers completely ditch silver, but I can understand why they'd want to keep it to deviate from the Bulls and Raptors. 

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On 2/26/2016 at 11:25 AM, SCL said:

I would love the TWolves to rebrand around the howling wolf logo along with royal blue and kelly green.


That, or I'm fine with the howling wolf logo as the primary with their current green and black.


Other wish-list items:


- Clippers. Where to start...how about going back to the previous set and dropping black? That would be fine, but for bonus points, go back to the San Diego-era light blue and orange (or red, either one works).


- Cavs. Dump the navy alt and the black sleeved monstrosity. They can use some color balance between their maroon and yellow jerseys to better match their white jersey, but as those uniforms are I'm fine, too.


- Suns. More purple on the home uniforms, and model the current set around the 1990s Suns set (maybe a filled-in sun around the front numbers).


- Hornets. Skinnier numbers and white number outlines on the purple with a teal line around the home numerals. White numerals with a purple outline on the teal alternates. Also, maybe a single stripe on the right side, corresponding to the center stripes on the left. De-sleeve the "Buzz City" pride jerseys.*


- Bucks. Even though I don't find their "Fear the Deer" black alternates all that offensive, I think I'd rather see a cream-and-green jersey in its place (with alternate court to boot!).


- Thunder. New logo and color scheme that better depicts thunder (whether storminess, herds of bison, or otherwise) please! Dump the navy and gold accents and use a dark gray as the primary color with the current red-orange and lightish blue accents, or even go rustic and use brown in place of dark gray in my original suggestion.


- Jazz. I've said plenty on this, but if nothing else, please lighten (even some of) your color palette!! Think of how vibrant, nay, Jazzy a royalish blue, kellyish green, and yellow team would look!! Or replace blue with purple and lighten the green, that works too.


- Raptors. Unify your fonts and stripes. Also add purple and use more gold regularly (yes, I said that!).


- Mavs. More green please, even if it is a more modern navy and lime. Or better yet, make a whole set out of the 2000s green alts.


- Rockets. Go back to red and yellow (maybe a pinch of black) and ditch your myriad alternates (OK, I do like the idea of the Saturn V-inspired uniforms, but those need a lot of work.


- Pelicans. Make red your primary road uniform color, although make it more of a purplish/fuschia-ish/darker red.


*For that matter, let's just de-sleeve all NBA/basketball jerseys, except perhaps for fauxbacks predating modern jersey conventions (like these early Celtics jerseys).

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Cavs---Use some kind of logo on your uniforms, please. The colors are nice, but the unis themselves look so generic. They don't have to be the first-LeBron-era sword jerseys, but something. 

Celtics---Kill the black-numbered alternate. Use the gold-numbered alternate on St. Patty's Day. Otherwise, use no alternates whatsoever.

Timberwolves---Bring back green in some form on your uniforms. Other than that I don't really care. 

Raptors---Bring back the purple in some form. Even just as an accent. Purple and red is a unique and (in my opinion) aesthetically pleasing combination. Black and gold can both stay as long as they can find some balance. Yeah, four colours (because they're Canadian, otherwise I'd use the American spelling) is a lot, but you're the only Canadian team in the NBA; you should stand out visually. (Think of the Expos of the 1970s and 1980s when they were the only French Canadian team in MLB. Yeah, they watered it down in later years, but you get my drift.)

Grizzlies---Something to bolden your image. I really liked what SFGiants58 did for the Grizz in his NBA Project 32 series (note---NOT MY WORK): 13481992154_373ff309c4_c.jpg






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1 hour ago, MCM0313 said:

Heat: NBA Project 32 once again. This is the very definition of "wishful thinking," because they'd never actually do this, but I wish they would. It's the most Miami/South Beach thing ever:








Is this black or dark green?  If green, then this would look a lot better with a lighter green.  "Dark Pine" really doesn't make me think of South Beach.

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1 minute ago, WSU151 said:


This would look a lot better with a lighter green.  "Dark Pine" really doesn't make me think of South Beach.

It's not green, or at least it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be black, magenta, and neon blue. Like neon signs lighting up the night sky.

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Just now, MCM0313 said:

It's not green, at least it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be black, magenta, and neon blue.


Yeah I've spent the last few minutes staring at it...for some reason it looked green.  Probably a screen error or user error :)

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49 minutes ago, Silent Wind of Doom said:

How is the Thunder not everyone's number one pick?  They are still wearing a friggin' generic logo that was designed to fit any name that was picked.  It's in everyone's top 10 worst professional logos.  How has this been allowed to go on as long as it has?


The Thunder are generic while the Clippers are absolutely horrible... They'd be my number one for sure.

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