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We Will Rock You FFL (Collaboration)

The Nati MacDaddy

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I want to post an explanation about this collaborative work by MJWalker45 and myself. About a year ago we put together some concepts for a Rock-n-Roll themed Fantasy Football League that we named "We Will Rock You FFL". We have been away from this work for quite some time but I decided it was time to get the ideas out there for you to look at and give some CC. The only two people that will post concepts for this league concept will be MJWalker45 and The Nati MacDaddy. I know that MJWalker45 has been busy with other personal matters and has not had the time to devote to this thread but maybe with your help we both might be inspired to revisit this league concept. I just want to put it out there and see if it goes anywhere. If it doesn't get many responses we will probably nix the idea. We need your eyes and suggestions to help move this concept forward. Lets start with the League Shield. The idea came from the Broadway Musical  "We Will Rock You" by Queen and Ben Elton.


Next up are the Conference logos. The North American Conference and the United Kingdom Conference. 56d0a29659154_Conferencelogo.thumb.png.6


 The first team helmet concept in the UKC. Queen



Finally the wordmark


Let's hear your thoughts and suggestions for other teams to add to each conference.



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What a nice idea for a league!

I really like the  Queen color scheme and logo but I think you should put the logo somewhere else as it is really difficult to see the letter as a Q, at first it looked as a O to me, because of the helmet branding. Maybe you can try to put the logo a bit higher on the helmet.

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