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Miami MLS new club's logo and kits


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These are my proposals for the new MLS new franchise in Miami. As David Beckham is the 'face' of this project, I guess it will be called 'Miami United'.


For the home kit I choose the Miami city colors. For the away kit I put the Paris Saint-Germain colors because Qatar Sports Investiments

 will be the owner of the new franchise. The sponsor will be the Qatari TV Sports Channel Bein Sport.

The crest will remain the Miami and Miami Dade flag in the crest, but with the main colors of the kit in the borders.


What do you think?


Thank you very much for your replies.


All the best




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Not a bad start.  I find it a little too detailed(don't worry, I've been accused of the same thing many times :P).  The colour scheme should be simplified (4 main colours is too many, I would stick with the Orange and green), and there are too many elements in the crest.  I would focus on one, MAYBE 2 elements and try to avoid having the black outlines, it just looks kinda low rent.  Also I think the text needs to be a little bit larger.  

That being said.  The main jersey is awesome.  All I would do is have an inversion and a maybe a white third.  

Good job, interested to see how this progresses.  

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