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Minnesota North Stars


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I'd seen that unused black-heavy North Stars alternate set in the Unused Logos thread, so I decided to see what it'd look like with numbers.  Not much of a true concept, I know, but I digress.



And then I wondered how it'd look if the black was replaced with a very dark green (trust me, it's green).


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The primary logo looks fantastic, and there's no denying the craftsmanship involved in this concept.  That being said if I was to judge it on a strictly aesthetic point, there are numerous changes I would suggest.  If the striping on the light version had the same colour distribution as the logo (green dominant over black), you would have something truly spectacular.  As for the dark version, it's just too much black.  Making green more prominent and adding a small amount of white would work wonders for contrast.  I hope you explore this alternate further.

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Thanks for the opinions...taking them into account somewhat, here go three more variants, two of which are heavier on the kelly green.

Version 3...darker green looks less blackish, kelly green becomes dominant color of both jerseys



Version 4...white jersey largely same as v3, only with white incorporated into sleeve numbers; green jersey incorporates white in striping, crest and lettering.  White also used on pants' stars.



Version 5...dark jersey returns to being darker green (though more obviously green than v2), white jersey same as v3



You belong to the city....you belong to the night...in this river of darkness...is the man of the night....or something like that



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