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Maine State Flag Redesign


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After seeing the TED talk on flag design (posted in the general design forum), I decided to try my hand at redesigning Maine's flag, which breaks pretty much ever principle of good flag design.




As you can see, the flag is one of the "Seal on a Blue Field" designs. While there are many great symbolic elements in the flag, the execution is done so poorly that the meaning of each element is lost. My design looks to take as many of the symbols featured on the flag, while still retaining principles of good flag design.





For more information on the flag and each of the elements, please see my Behance project.




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It looks great right off the bat. But looking at it more, it looks too similar to the Soviet Union's flag... I don't know if that's what you were trying to go with but I'm guessing not. 

While the elements are better presented in your flag, I thing the best thing would be to separate the anchor and sickle to make it look less USSRy

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I don't mind at all if it looks like USSR's flag or not, but still it is well thought out and well executed in my opinion. I agreed with what he did there. As a kid, I had a hard time identity the state flags based in which states. Com'on, who can tell the Texas and Washington flags as a kid? Honestly I liked how you made it to the original flag by keeping the same ideas of Maine's state flag. 

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