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Cawthra Park Wild Hockey


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Hello all!


I'm back after my Denver Nuggets redesign, which I am willing to continue, given the opportunity.


I played on a hockey team this year (WOW!) and this year turned out out to be the last year for this organization. We were called the Lorne Park Ojibwa. Crosstown rivals Clarkson Hurricanes also folded as well, leaving the owners to do a sensible thing; merge.


Aaaaaaaaand the new name.....


Lorne Park Clarkson Wilds (yes that's an "s" at the end of Wild)


Yeah. Pretty bad.


My name change >> Cawthra Park Wild (Cawthra is the region of Clarkson and LP)


They will reportedly be using exact copies of the Minnesota Wild (no shocker there) and while I love the Wild identity...I don't want a copy. Here is what the teams currently use (Clarkson uses exact Carolina copies);





I loved LP's colours and the Clarkson/Carolina road uniform and that wasn't much to work with. Here's my new set, with uniforms.


The logo is based of the Wild's logo and has similar trees and the shooting star. The shape in the background is a map of LP/Clarkson and the star is placed where the arena is (kind of like how the N in the Islanders logo pointed towards Nassau Coliseum). I want to improve it.




The uniforms. There wasn't much to do, considering the league says they have to already be in the Bauer catalogue and the Wild road uniform is. I merely swapped the logos and replaced red and gold.



C + C is much appreciated!

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Wait they named the team "Lorne Park Clarkson Wilds" ? Thats crazy. I used to play in the mhl, really sad to see that.


Your concept looks good though! Like the fact that you used Cawthra. Only thing is, the logo is throwing me off a little bit, you should put something else in the circle. I have a feeling they might go with an aboriginal theme to play on the "Wild", drawing back on original MHL A teams  (Clarkson Algonquin, Lorne Park Ojibwa, etc.).

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Like most commenting, I like the overall idea.

if I'm to look at specifics, I'm not sure the star in necessary, it kind of look like a plane.

And your curved text seems to be at a slightly different angle/curvature than the outline (could be an optical illusion)

I would also like you to integrate an element that's a little more unique to your area, a river, building, etc...



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