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NHL by CCM (Toronto Revisit)


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After stepping away from doing concepts, recently decided to start up again. The idea for this series began after the Adidas announcement. This is basically the NHL as it should be/my vision for the league.


Detroit Red Wings


Main set gets a minor tweak. Alternate added that is inspired by the team's past.


Chicago Blackhawks


Minor tweak to the main set. Black third returns with some minor tweaking done to it.

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Thanks for the feedback. Next 2 teams in the series (gonna try keeping it to post 2 teams at a time).


Buffalo Sabres


Return to the classic blue and the classic look. What Sabres fans would love to see.


Minnesota Wild


Simple fixes for the Wild's main set. Third is based off the Stadium Series jersey. Added a state shaped with main logo inspiration.

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Buffalo: Pretty good but IMO it would look better if all of the hem stripes weren't yellow. Some white stripes might provide some contrast, especially since you went yellow-blue-yellow on the hem stripes on the road. 


Minnesota: Love the home and road. Good idea with the alt but maybe not the best execution, it seems unnecessary to have two green jerseys. 

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The Wild have too little red on the home and away for my liking, but Buffalo is terrific!


BTW........ do you know if your pant template works in MS Paint? It's the best side Pant I've seen and I'd love to use it if I could. ^~^



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After looking at it for a little bit, I think the striping on the Buffalo home is fine. Don't change a thing about the Sabres. 

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1 minute ago, Lycan38 said:

Thanks for the feedback so far everyone.


Los Angeles Kings


Nothing much to say about this. Took my favorite elements from the Kings history for this set.



They look great! BUT on the white, the yellow and white clash. Maybe swap the purple and yellow? Or add two thin purple stripes to the pattern?

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