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World Cup Of Hockey 2016 - Canada (Jersey Concept)


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Hey everyone,

So a bit before Adidas and the NHL unveiled the WCH jerseys, I sketched a few ideas out as to what I thought the Canadian jerseys might look like.  I even was guessing where the Adidas stripes would go (figured they would have put them on these).  After seeing the ones released (and I do mostly enjoy them), I wanted to adapt the sketch I made onto the template they presented.  Even made the template to look similar to how they showed off the jerseys.

As I said, this is mostly just what I guessed it would look like, and then applied it to the template they showed.  Figured some of you might think it's cool.  Nothing wild but I felt it looked sharp.  And yes, the racing stripes are somewhat odd, but it's just how I guessed they might have done them.



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